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Errl's Guide to Virginia Cannabis

Searching for a Dispensary Just Got Easier

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are sometimes a challenge to find. Laws and regulations keep dispensaries hidden and zoned in industrial areas. Not all municipalities allow legal or medical marijuana dispensaries. In most states, it is up to the local municipality to determine if they will allow medical or recreational marijuana sales. To find out if your states allows Medical or Recreational cannabis sales, refer to our national guide. Searching for the best weed on the planet just got a lot easier.

With one search you can find the #1 dispensaries or collectives along with the hottest deals near you. Before you begin your search make sure you understand the laws and regulations of that state you are visiting. While cannabis may be legal in some states, this does not mean anything goes. Transporting cannabis across state lines, driving while high, and public consumption are still against the law. Here are a few facts about the legalized cannabis market:

  • Each state determines the amount of marijuana someone can legally buy. This includes flower or bud, concentrates and edibles.
  • In all states where cannabis is legal you must be at least 21 years or older to purchase recreationally and 18 years of age to purchase medically.
  • Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize marijuana in 2014 for recreational use and others have followed since such as Oregon and Alaska.
  • The trend is continuing as 58% of the population now favors some form of legalization of marijuana.
  • As a highly regulated industry more states are moving to a recreational marijuana model as municipalities can generate huge tax revenue from this side.
  • Currently there are 23 states that have some form of legal cannabis in the US.

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