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The Clinic - Colorado presents a Featured Offer
The Clinic - Colorado
2020 S Colorado Blvd ,
Denver, CO 80222
Lightshade - Sheridan presents a Featured Offer
Lightshade - Sheridan
1126 South Sheridan,
Denver, CO 80232
Native Roots - Downtown presents a Featured Offer
Native Roots
1555 Champa St,
Denver, CO 80202
Aroma Dispensary presents a Featured Offer
Aroma Dispensary
5433 Quebec St. ,
Commerce City, CO 80022
LivWell - Broadway presents a Featured Offer
LivWell - Broadway
432 S. Broadway,
Denver, CO 80209

Featured Dispensary : Tru Cannabis

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Different Cannabis Types


Releases Stress
Enhanced Creativeness
Perfect for Daytime Use
Vivacious Flavors
Appetite Modifier
Cerebral High

Sativas can be found near the equator in extremely humid countries like Colombia, Thailand, Uganda, Cameroon and Kenya! Sativa plants also tend to grow very tall and have thin leaves that are typically a lighter green color.


Hybrids are a combination of both sativa and indica with different percentages of each. Either end can dominate the final hybrid. It is rare to come across a 100% pure sativa or indica strain of marijuana.

There is a long list of different hybrid combinations currently available on the market. Take your shot at each of them until you find your favorite.

OG Kush
Girl Scout Cookies
Blue Dream
Chem Dawg + Hindu Kush
OG Kush + Durban Poison
Blueberry Indica + Sativa Haze


Body High
Causes Drowsiness
Relieves Pain
Perfect for Evening Use
Earthy Taste

Indicas can be found in regions that are home to higher altitudes like Afghanistan, Argentina, India and Iran. These guys tend to grow much shorter than Sativa plants and have wider leaves with a darker green color. Depending on your tolerance levels, keep in mind that these results may vary. Indicas and Sativas offer different traits but keep in mind that they will affect everyone differently. Different strains and combinations will also have different effects on their users. Factors like the light used, the time of growth and when the plants were flowered are just a few factors that may change the way your bud tastes and how it affects you.

Fact Sheet

What is a cannabinoid?
Cannabinoids are chemical compound groups that are present in the marijuana plant that affect the mind and can even affect the body through brain receptor interaction. An exciting discovery about cannabinoids is the list of alternative effects other than THC! Take a look below at the medicinal usefulness of the top studied cannabinoids.

CBD - CBD is not psychoactive. Studies show it to have anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea neuroprotective, and pain killing properties. It has also been shown to have blood-pressure lowering features.

CBG - CBG is found in the non-psychoactive hemp plant and has shown a noteworthy ability to prevent the formation of tumors.

CBC - CBC has been known to help ease pain, reduce inflammation and is also a great antibiotic.

THCV - is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is currently being investigated as an anti-obesity drug and has been known to help treat diabetes.

CBN - CBN is a breakdown product that occurs when THC is exposed to either heat or light. CBN may cause tiredness and can reduce spasms. CBN is also fairly psychoactive with roughly 10% activity of THC.

THC - The most well-known cannabinoid and the most psychoactive. THC has the ability to alter behavior, mood perception, and consciousness. THC is responsible for the euphoric feeling some people consider as "being high".

Medicinal Usefulness

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LivWell - Evans
1941 W Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 

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Pure Marijuana Dispensary - 40th
505 West 40th Ave , Denver, CO 

View Profile
Verde Natural
5101 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 

View Profile
The Clinic - Colorado
The Clinic Colorado dispensary
2020 S Colorado Blvd , Denver, CO 

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The Joint
4735 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO 

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Terrapin Care Station - Broadway
1 Broadway, A150, Denver, CO 

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Tru Cannabis - Mile High
1630 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 

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Medicine Man
4750 Nome Street, Denver, CO 

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Advanced Medical Alternatives
1269 Elati Street, Denver, CO 

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Lightshade - 6th
745 E. 6th Ave , Denver, CO 

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Sticky Buds - Broadway
2262 S Broadway, Denver, CO 

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The Giving Tree of Denver
2707 W. 38th Avenue, Denver, CO 

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Buddy Boy Brands - Walnut
3814 Walnut Street , Denver, CO 

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The Trimmer Store
955 East 58th Ave , Denver, CO 

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Cannabis Deals and Specials Updated Daily

Colorado was the first state along with Washington to legalize marijuana.

If you are buying weed in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo look no further. Whether medical or recreational, finding the nearest dispensary, headshop, growstore, or cannabis related product is just a click away.

Colorado dispensaries provide you with up to date deals and menu information. With over 6,530 active MMJ coupons, specials and weed deals you will be sure to save money on all your favorite cannabis strains, concentrates and edibles.

Colorado Dispensaries, Headshops, and Growstores post menu and deal information in real-time. With Marijuana prices fluctuating you can always be sure to get the best deal for your money.

With Leafbuyer's interactive mapping feature, buying weed in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Pueblo or anywhere in Colorado is just a click away.

Errl's Guide to Colorado Cannabis

Recreational marijuana stores opened in Colorado on January 1st, 2014, making Colorado the first state in the nation to legally allow recreational sales of cannabis. Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2001 ?though a regulated dispensary system didn?t emerge for almost another decade. All adults 21 or older can now purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana in Colorado. However, cannabis products must not leave the state, and marijuana in Colorado cannot yet be consumed in public. If you are caught consuming in public you may run the risk of receiving a citation.

Now that you know some of the basic rules, Leafbuyer is here to help you buy and save on Colorado cannabis products. We have hundreds of marijuana Dispensaries listed in Colorado and many Dispensaries located in Denver - find the one that's right for you! Once you have located a Dispensary, Grow Store, or Head Shop, find a deal and save!

Key things to remember before purchasing or consuming legal marijuana in Colorado:

  • You must be 21 or older to possess marijuana (unless you have a red card for medical marijuana)
  • Recreational consumers (tourists and locals) can legally purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana flower, 8 grams of concentrates, or 80 10-milligram servings of edibles THC.
  • Marijuana products cannot leave Colorado
  • Don't consume marijuana products in public
  • Use Leafbuyer to Locate all marijuana Dispensaries, Grow Stores and Head Shops in Colorado
  • Use Leafbuyer to Save on thousands on marijuana Dispensary products

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