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Learn About Marijuana In Quebec

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Quebec

Where Are Dispensaries in Quebec Located?

Starting in October 2018, recreational dispensaries will begin popping up around the province. The Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQC) is an offshoot of Quebec’s government-tied alcohol distributor. Current plans call for 20 dispensaries in different locations around the province.

The medical marijuana system has been established for over 15 years now. Quebec residents must verify diagnoses at local medical marijuana care centers. Once a prescription is obtained, the patient orders marijuana on the internet and it is shipped and delivered to their house.

Are the Dispensaries Medical, Recreational, or Both?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since the passing of the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations (MMAR) in 2001. Though, this law did not make it easy for every patient to gain access to cannabis. In 2013, the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations took precedent.

After 2013, networks of medical producers, clinics, and customers could easily form. In June 2018, the Cannabis Act, otherwise known as Bill C-45, was passed in Canada, legalizing recreational marijuana use.

The Bill will become active October 17, 2018.

Who Can Buy Medical Cannabis in Quebec? Recreational?

In order to qualify for medical marijuana in Canada, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Live in Canada
  • Not have criminal convictions related to marijuana
  • Cannot be registered in more than one province

If you check these boxes, you may visit a registered health care provider to receive a prescription.  

Once the recreational rollout is completed, anyone over the age of 18 is permitted to purchase cannabis, though there is talk of raising the age to 21.

How Do I Become a Medical Patient in Quebec?

As dictated by the Canadian government, a health care practitioner may authorize the use of marijuana to reliably treat appropriate symptoms or conditions. To become a medical patient, a health care practitioner must verify the diagnosis and sign a form that authorizes the use of cannabis.  

Where Can Cannabis be Consumed?

There are many places where people cannot smoke in Quebec, and it varies from region to region. Many apartments may also ban smoking. In some towns, public smoking may be off-limits altogether. The general rule is that smoking is off-limits in public spaces. This includes schools, public buildings, parks, and state-operated and some private facilities.

The best place to smoke will be inside a residence. Smoking marijuana generally follows the same guidelines as smoking tobacco.

Is Drug Testing Legal in Quebec?

Drug testing is legal in Quebec, but there must be a legitimate reason for performing the test and the employee’s rights must not be violated. The act that legalized recreational cannabis in Quebec, Bill 157, states that any worker may not consume cannabis if it puts themselves or others at risk in the line of work.

Many workplaces where drug use could pose a serious danger, do not permit marijuana consumption. If the test is required to uphold these rules, then employers may drug test.  

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Quebec?

Due to the low number of stores, many will want to turn to online delivery for recreational cannabis, which will also be legal in the province. The systems and laws are already in place. Canada Post has been delivering medical marijuana to patients since 2013. The recipient must be present and sign for the package upon delivery, otherwise the package will not be delivered.

How Is Cannabis Paid for in Quebec Dispensaries?

With the national passage of the Cannabis Act, banks are now able to offer their lines of service to companies in and around the cannabis industry. This means that individuals may use debit and credit cards when paying for marijuana, as opposed to largely cash-based markets in the United States. Cash will still be an accepted method of payment.  

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Quebec Marijuana Laws

Cannabis Laws in Quebec

Bill 157: This bill is specific to Quebec. It works out the fine details of cannabis legalization, establishing a system of state-run dispensaries.

Possession Limits

According to Bill 157, an individual may not possess more than 150 grams of dried cannabis in their private residences. Two or more individuals living in the same residence may also not collectively possess over 150 grams. The fine for this is between $250-$750.

Possession of cannabis is prohibited on school grounds, childcare facilities, and correctional centers and carries the same fine. The SQC may not sell more than 30 grams of dried cannabis flower at a single point in time.  

Growing Cannabis at Home

Under current provisions, growing cannabis is illegal in Quebec - regardless of federal legality. There are talks that this ruling could potentially be overturned.

Cannabis and Driving

Bill 157 prohibits driving a vehicle under the influence of marijuana. This provision will be enforced with saliva tests at the point of infraction. Continued infractions will lead to license suspension, fines, and other criminal proceedings.

Marketing and Sponsorship

To keep the voice of the cannabis industry limited, Bill 157 lays out measures for modest advertising and promotion. The SQC may not promotionally give away cannabis free of charge. SQC stores may not reduce the price of cannabis on account of marketing operations.

They may not have contests or lotteries. Non-cannabis items may not be used to promote the cannabis market. Sponsorship by the SQC is prohibited as well. The Bill is also very strict on who can be advertised to and where those advertisements can be placed.

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