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Learn About Marijuana In Prince Edward Island

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Prince Edward Island

Where Are Dispensaries Located on Prince Edward Island?

According to the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission,  there will be four government-owned retail cannabis locations opening in 2018.

These locations must meet certain criteria, including a certain distance from schools and having necessary security and ventilation systems. There will be a store in Summerside located at 425 Granville Street and a store in Montague located at 509 Main Street.

Who Can Buy Medical Cannabis on Prince Edward Island? Recreational?

The legal age to purchase recreational cannabis on Prince Edward Island is 19 years old. This is the same legal age for alcohol and tobacco. Medical users may purchase recreational cannabis from Prince Edward Island cannabis retail stores.

Under the ACMPR, Canadians who have been authorized by a health care practitioner to consume cannabis for medical purposes are able to buy safe, quality-controlled cannabis from a dispensary licensed by Health Canada. The age that is allowed for medical cannabis use is determined by the doctor and the severity of the medical condition.

How Do I Become a Medical Patient on Prince Edward Island?

To become a medical cannabis patient, you must have a medical prescription issued by a Canadian physician. If you do not have a doctor, you can become eligible through a walk-in appointment at an ACMPR clinic.

To obtain a medical card, you must confirm your diagnosis with your doctor. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, access the application forms can be completed easily online.

Where Can Cannabis Be Consumed?

You will be allowed to smoke in a private home and in the yard attached to a private home. It is also permitted to consume cannabis on vacant land with consent from the owner of the land. In rented or shared living spaces where smoking is prohibited, there may be designated spaces for smoking.

How Do I Find a Job in the Prince Edward Island Cannabis Industry?

According to, Prince Edward Island has already attracted some important investments in the cannabis industry. There are now job opportunities in ancillary areas such as budtender, cannabis tour guide, extraction tech and cultivation.

Is Drug Testing for Cannabis Legal On Prince Edward Island?

Drug testing protocols are still developing on Prince Edward Island. Random testing for drug use is never acceptable. Drugs can be detected in a person's system long after consumption. Therefore, Prince Edward Island believes a positive test does not necessarily mean that a worker's performance is impaired.

However, drug testing is acceptable in situations where there is cause to believe employees are under the influence at work or if an incident occurs.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal on Prince Edward Island?

According to the article, “Cannabis Store Locations announced for Summerside, Montague,” the four dispensaries opening up on Prince Edward Island are in addition to an e-commerce platforms for delivery services.

How is Cannabis Paid for at a Dispensary? Cash? Card?

Cash and card services are available and can be used for any purchase.

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Prince Edward Island Marijuana Laws

Possessing too much cannabis in public, selling cannabis, providing cannabis to teens, and driving while impaired by cannabis are all violations of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Cannabis and Driving

Driving impaired from cannabis is illegal. It is not permitted to drive any vehicle while the driver or anyone else in the vehicle is consuming cannabis. Cannabis must be out of reach when driving a vehicle.

An impaired driver will be subject to charges under federal legislation and penalties under The Highway Traffic administration. The driver could lose his or her licence and face potential jail time. There will also be additional charges and fines if you drive impaired with a minor in the car.

Cannabis and Minors

The cannabis retailers will be responsible for preventing sales to the underage persons. This is similar to alcohol sales. Preventing cannabis sales to anyone under the legal purchasing age of 19 will be taken very seriously. Retail employees will be trained in ID verification.

Places to Consume Cannabis On Prince Edward Island

It’s legal to smoke in a private home and its attached yard. Consumers are also allowed to smoke marijuana on private property. For public places where smoking is prohibited, there may be a designated smoking area.

Growing Cannabis at Home

Islanders will be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants in their home.

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