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Learn About Marijuana In Saskatchewan

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Saskatchewan

Where are Dispensaries Located in Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan government has granted 51 retail cannabis permits. Dispensaries are located in 32 communities located around the providence including Battleford, Canora, Esterhazy, Estevan, Fort Qu'Appelle, Humboldt, La Loche, La Ronge, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Unity, Warman, and Yorktown. Check out our dispensary locator to find dispensaries in your area.

Are They Medical Dispensaries, Recreational, or Both in Saskatchewan?

In order to acquire medical marijuana legally, Saskatchewan residents must obtain a cannabis prescription from a licensed physician. Residents must then order from an online retailer to receive their cannabis product via mail carrier. You must be 18 years of age to enter the program, and have at least one of the qualifying conditions, which include:  

  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Eating Disorders
  • Epilepsy

Who Can Purchase Medical Cannabis in Saskatchewan? Who Can Buy Recreational?

Anyone over the age of 19 can purchase recreational cannabis in Saskatchewan.

Is Drug Testing for Cannabis Legal in Saskatchewan?

Drug screening in the workplace in Saskatchewan is legal, but human rights laws across Canada make it difficult to do so. The Saskatchewan government has a strict zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence and has committed the police force to deploying means to prevent this, such as roadside drug screenings.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Saskatchewan?

Medical marijuana delivery is the primary mode of cannabis acquisition in Saskatchewan. The delivery driver must always abide by federal laws and not carrying more than 30 grams at one time.

In-home delivery situations, proof of age and identification is required when the driver arrives.

People allowed to perform medical marijuana home delivery include employees of a licensed retailer, couriers from companies like Canada Post, and employees of a delivery company carrying a special use permit allowing the delivery of cannabis.

How Do I Pay for Marijuana at a Dispensary?

Licensed retailers can accept cash or payment via cash or electronic methods, such as credit and debit cards.

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Saskatchewan Marijuana Laws

Saskatchewan has fairly relaxed laws surrounding cannabis when compared with other Canadian provinces. This is largely in part to Saskatchewan’s remoteness, as the province is incentivized to encourage cannabis industry growth to maintain provincial growth and budgetary commitments. Entrepreneurial opportunities are

Adults 18 and older may carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flower or its equivalent in all non-restricted public places. Adults may share cannabis with other adults, however selling is not allowed.

Cannabis Purchasing and Possession Limits

The Canadian federal government has established a maximum public possession amount of 30 grams per adult consumer. Saskatchewan has decided to maintain this limit within the province. Officers will have the discretion to address minor offences, like carrying over the maximum limit, by serving a citation and a fine of $200.

Driving and Cannabis

In Saskatchewan, there are immediate and severe penalties for driving under the influence of cannabis. This is including but not limited to:

  • Significant license suspension periods
  • Vehicle seizures lasting three to 60 days maximum
  • Requirements by the court to complete drug education programs
  • Stiff financial penalties under the Safe Driver Recognition Program


Police can legally summon a field sobriety test at roadside or a drug recognition evaluation if they have reasonable evidence to presume a driver is impaired.

Cannabis Growing Laws

Saskatchewan is adopting the federal minimum standards around home growing and production, including the limit of four cannabis plants grown per household.

Saskatchewan is continuing to explore additional rules around where cannabis can be grown. Issues concerning rental properties, multi-unit residences, and how cannabis can be grown, are still under discussion.

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