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Learn About Marijuana In Nunavut

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Nunavut

Where are Dispensaries in Nunavut Located?

The Nunavut Government has decided to continue to only sell cannabis online through 2018. Starting in 2019, the territory will start to think about opening a private sector for recreational cannabis sales.

Who Can Purchase Medical Marijuana in Nunavut? Recreationally?

The set age to buy recreational marijuana is 19. The minimum age is set lower than the recommended age to prevent illegal purchases of cannabis.

Where Can Cannabis Be Consumed in Nunavut?

The consumption of cannabis is limited to private homes and to some public spaces where tobacco is allowed. It will not be permitted to smoke cannabis where youths frequently go. Smoking cannabis will not be permitted in vehicles, school grounds, hospital or health center grounds, and playgrounds.

There will be special considerations for growing and using cannabis in rented units, public housing and condos.

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Nunavut Marijuana Laws

Possession Limits

The government of Nunavut is considering the carrying limit of cannabis to be 30 grams. The government is not setting a limit on the amount of cannabis that can be stored in a home.

Marijuana and Driving

Driving impaired by marijuana is illegal. When transporting marijuana in a vehicle, it must be in a closed container and not in reach of the driver or any passengers.

Growing Cannabis at Home

The federal government has set a limit of four plants allowed to be grown in each home.

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