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Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Nevada

Nevada: A place where freedom, gambling, and broad-minded interests culminate into a paradise of sun and entertainment. Nevada has nearly twenty years of experience with medical marijuana and, in 2016, voters in the mountain-dotted desert oasis approved recreational marijuana legislation that would fundamentally shift how the state governs marijuana. Tourists and residents 21 and older are now allowed to purchase and possess recreational marijuana in the State of Nevada.

Is marijuana legal in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada currently operates both medical and recreational marijuana dispensary programs.

When did marijuana become legal in Nevada?

Nevadans ushered in recreational marijuana in 2016, with the passage of ballot Question 2. The law was enacted on the January 1, 2017 and recreational dispensaries started to open on July 1, 2017. Nevada voters would vote twice for medical marijuana, passing both times in 1998 and 2000 respectively.

Where are the medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries?

Nevada currently has 60 up and running marijuana dispensaries across the state. Over 40 marijuana dispensaries are located in the Las Vegas Area, with 34 of them offering recreational marijuana to adults 21 and over.

Are they medical or recreational dispensaries?

They can be both. Initially, the state will issue recreational licenses to eligible medical dispensaries for the first 18 months. After January 1, 2019, new businesses may apply for a retail sales license. There are around 36 recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state of Nevada with more opening in the near future.

Who can purchase recreationally? Who can be a medical cannabis patient in Nevada?

Recreational marijuana sales are available to any person age 21 and older with a valid ID. Nevadans hoping to get new medical marijuana cards must first be residents of Nevada. Then a state-approved physician must certify that medical marijuana could have therapeutic medical benefits in the treatment a debilitating illness. Nevada medical patients are typically 18 years or older, but this doesn't mean that patients under 18 are exempt from the program. Also, Nevada also has an innovative reciprocity program that allows patients with a valid out-of-state medical marijuana registration to purchase and consume marijuana.

What medical conditions are recognized in Nevada's Medical Marijuana Program?

Nevada currently recognizes the following conditions, ailments, and diseases impacting the quality of life of its citizens:
  • AIDS
  • Seizures
  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Persistent muscle spasms or seizures
  • Severe nausea or pain
  • Conditions specifically approved by the Department of Health and Services
The state may add other conditions, subject to petition & approval.

How do I become a medical marijuana member in Nevada?

There is an application fee of $25 and a $75 enrollment cost into the medical marijuana program. Patients under 18 years of age must have both physician and parental consent. The parent must register as the child's caregiver and handle all purchasing.

Where can I smoke marijuana?

Public use of marijuana remains an actionable offense in Nevada, carrying up to a misdemeanor criminal penalty (even for medical patients). Smoking weed is best done in a private place. We know it's constricting, but where federal laws overlap with gaming regulations, drug use/illegal sales remain huge issues for the bright lights of Las Vegas. You can not currently smoke marijuana outside on public property, including the Las Vegas Strip, casinos, and hotels. Tourists looking to enjoy their cannabis will have to choose other methods of consuming products such as edibles, topicals, and drinks.

How much does marijuana cost in Nevada?

It is too soon to say with certainty the cost variances between medical and recreational products. Medical patients currently pay $8-$15 per gram, $25-$40 per 1/8th, and one-ounce ranges generally between $200-$300. Recreational pricing will always be based on location, quality, the pace of business, and the 15% exercise tax.

How much marijuana can I buy and possess in Nevada?

Recreational customers, as of January 1st, 2017, are able to purchase and possess up to:
  • One ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or
  • 3.5 grams of marijuana concentrates (equivalent to one ounce)
This applies to every adult age 21 and older, regardless of where you are from or where you live. Valid medical marijuana patients may purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in a two-week period. There are no equivalency laws for medical patients.

Can I grow marijuana at home? How many plants?

For medical patients, at-home cultivation in Nevada is currently allowed for one of these three reasons:
  • The nearest dispensary closed or has an inadequate volume or the type of medicine (strain type) to treat the patient.
  • There is a lack of mobility for both the patient and/or caregiver that makes travel reasonably demanding.
  • If the nearest dispensary exists more than 25 miles from the patient residence.
Patients may grow up to twelve (12) plants, regardless of the plant maturity. As of January 1st, 2017, adults age 21 and older are able to cultivate up to six plants per individual, with a maximum of twelve plants per residence, only if the individual resides over 25 miles from the nearest dispensary. All useable cannabis from the plant in excess the legal possession limits is to remain at home. All marijuana cultivation must be done in a locked, secure facility out of sight from the public.

How do I get a job in Nevada's marijuana industry?

Anyone wishing to find employment with Nevada's marijuana industry must first receive their agent badge. An agent badge says three things to the state and dispensaries that operate in the state:
  • You have submitted an application, your name, address, date of birth, social security number, and a copy of your fingerprints to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavior Health
  • You have pledged not to supply medical marijuana or marijuana products to anyone not legally allowed to use or possess it
  • You are at least 21 or older, have no past drug or violent crime convictions (under 10 years old), and must not have had your dispensary agent registration revoked previously
After you have your badge, our cannabis jobs board is filled with cannabis jobs across the country - Nevada included.

Is drug testing for marijuana legal in Nevada?

Many Nevada businesses still operate under state and federal drug-free workplace standards and drug test for certain substances, including marijuana. However, the amount of enforcement of this policy is often on people who are under the influence on the job, rather than those who use within time away from work.

Can I get a DUI after use of marijuana?

It is not legal to drive while intoxicated, so DUIs for marijuana may be given to those whose blood contains 2 nanograms of THC per ml. or 5 nanograms of marijuana metabolite per ml. Drivers may also be handed a DUI if they appear to be incapable of safely driving or do not have full control over the vehicle.

Is Delivery legal?

Delivery from a dispensary to a valid medical marijuana patient or recreational marijuana customer is currently legal in Nevada.

How do I pay for marijuana in Nevada dispensaries?

Cash is king in Nevada dispensaries. Luckily, Nevada dispensaries are usually equipped with an ATM on-site. Some will let you use your debit card for sales transactions, but not credit. Ultimately, the transaction is run as though you are making an ATM withdrawal.

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Nevada Marijuana Laws

With the passage of Question 2 in 2016, Nevada has opened the door to millions of people who can now responsibly and legally purchase and consume cannabis. As of July 1, 2017, anyone above the age of 21 with a valid ID can legally purchase recreational marijuana, in addition to those with a medical marijuana card. Nevadans first voted on medical marijuana in 1998, passing the law with 58% of the vote. In order to verify the initial vote, Nevada began their tenure with medical marijuana, first, by having another vote. Then, in 2000, the Medical Marijuana Act passed (again) with over 65% approval, socially codifying the law.

Recreational cannabis passed through Question 2, and the sale of recreational cannabis products started on July 1, 2017.

Purchase and Possession Limits

Recreational purchases are to be made and consumed by adults age 21 and older. Recreational customers are able to purchase and possess up to an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana or 3.5 grams of marijuana concentrates. To date, Nevada has yet to make any distinction on edible purchase limits.

Medical patients age 18 and older can purchase up to 2.5 ounces (70 grams) of marijuana and marijuana products in a two week period. However, a medical marijuana patient is still limited to purchasing one ounce at a time. There is no distinction made between marijuana flower, concentrates, or edible products on the medical marijuana side.

Patients under 18 years of age are required to (a) have parental consent to be their caregiver and (b) have their caregiver purchase and deliver the medicine to them. Additional physician documentation is required for all youth patients. Medical patients can purchase up to five ounces per month, but can only possess as much as 2.5 ounces at any one time.


Patients with a valid out-of-state medical marijuana registration are able to purchase and consume marijuana under Nevada's medical marijuana laws.

Driving in the possession of marijuana

Transporting marijuana for individual use is completely legal in Nevada, as long as the total quantity doesn't exceed the possession limits defined above. All marijuana products must be stored in a sealed container, away from the driver and any minors. Basically, you will need to have your cannabis in your trunk while you are driving. Failure to abide by this law can land you with a fine for having an open container.

Having marijuana in your car does not mean that driving while under the influence of marijuana is acceptable. The moment you cross a state line or try to collect anything of value in exchange for the cannabis, you are trafficking drugs or engaging in illegal distribution. Both remain criminal offenses. Simply put: Marijuana purchased in Nevada, stays in Nevada.

Driving while under the influence of marijuana

At no point does Nevada condone the operational use of motor vehicles while using marijuana or marijuana products. The offense remains a criminal offense with fines and possible jail time. Nevada currently views the following limits as evidence of intoxication:
  • Driver has smoked or consumed marijuana "to a degree which renders the driver incapable of safely driving or exercising actual physical control of a vehicle" or
  • In a blood analysis, the driver's blood contains at least 2 nanograms per ml. of marijuana (THC) or 5 nanograms per ml. of marijuana metabolite (THC-COOH), or
  • Upon urinalysis, the driver's urine contains at minimum 10 nanograms per ml. of marijuana (THC) or 15 nanograms per ml. of marijuana metabolite (THC-COOH).
While driving intoxicated is expressly illegal under Nevada law, the amounts of marijuana and marijuana metabolite are common points used in the defense as being inadequate to determine intoxication.

Marijuana use by minors

Under current marijuana laws in Nevada, individuals under the age of 21 are prohibited from using marijuana unless they are medical patients. Importantly, unlike adult use consumers, patients cannot gift marijuana to others. Plus, patients under 18 cannot purchase their own vaporizer or other consumption tools. Anyone under the age twenty-one who is not a valid medical patient could end up with misdemeanor charges and hundreds of dollars in fines if they are not in compliance. If someone is caught distributing to minors, they may face fines up to $10,000 with the possibility (with repeat offenders) for life in prison.

Growing marijuana at home

At-home cultivation is only allowed for medical patients who meet one of the following criteria:
  • The nearest dispensary no longer operates or does not carry an adequate volume or the type of medicine (strain type) to treat the patient properly.
  • There is a lack of mobility for both the patient and/or the patient-caregiver that makes travel demanding beyond a reasonable limit.
  • The patient resides more than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary.
If a patient can satisfy any one of these criteria, they may grow up to twelve (12) plants at any stage of maturity. Recreational customers are also given the ability to cultivate their own marijuana, but only if the person resides more than 25 miles from the nearest retail dispensary. Each individual age 21 or older may grow up to six plants at a time with a maximum of twelve plants per property. If you happen to harvest more useable marijuana than the legal possession limits allow, that excess crop must remain at home, in a locked and secure facility. All marijuana cultivation must be done in a locked, secured facility that is out of sight.

Places to legally consume

Under both recreational and medical marijuana laws in Nevada, consumption is to be done privately. Public consumption could mean a $1000 fine, a misdemeanor charge, and up to six months in jail may await anyone caught. Trust us, in Nevada, there are way better ways to gamble.

Due to the complex regulatory situation involving gambling, gaming, and the control of drugs and money, many hotels have found it less of a liability to specifically deny the use of marijuana. The law specifically prohibits marijuana use on federal lands as well as in courts, prisons, and detention facilities. National Parks and Forests are also off limits.

While the rollout of Nevada's recreational market continues, hopefully, it will encourage changes in social use in the future. Currently, the matter remains up to the resort, hotel, motel, landlord, or rental company to decide whether marijuana can be used on-site.

Nevada Marijuana Prices and Economic Data

Nevada is going through a variety of changes with how it regulates the use and possession of cannabis. The implementation of the recreational industry brought on an inflation in the pricing of marijuana. While this does not look like a long-term price point, we are unsure how the market will control the price. Below is the projected pricing for medical and recreational marijuana in the State of Nevada.

Prices of Recreational Cannabis Flower

  • 1 gram: $15-$20
  • 1/8 oz: $45-$60
  • 1/4 oz: $80-$110
  • 1/2 oz: $150-$200
  • 1 oz: $230-$350

Prices of Recreational Cannabis Concentrates

  • Wax/Shatter .5 gram: $25-$35
  • Wax/Shatter 1 gram: $50-$65
  • Live Resin 1 gram: $70-$90
  • Oil Cartridge 500mg: $40-$60

Prices of Medical Cannabis Flower

  • 1 gram: $8-$15
  • 1/8 oz: $25-$40
  • 1/4 oz: $60-$100
  • 1/2 oz: $110-$140
  • 1 oz: $200-$300

Prices of Medical Cannabis Concentrates

  • Wax 1 gram: $40-$60
  • Shatter 1 gram: $40-$65
  • Live Resin 1 gram: $60-$85
  • Oil Cartridge 500mg: $30-$50
While an 1/8th of flower is closely priced to 1 gram of concentrates, edibles are often priced between $15-$30 and vary in product strength. Medical patients are currently able to purchase as much as two and a half ounces (70 grams) of marijuana or marijuana products in a two week period. Valid out of state patients may make purchases and use marijuana under Nevada medical marijuana laws. Recreational consumers over the age of 21 are eligible to purchase up to one ounce of flower or up to 3.5 grams of marijuana concentrates.

Tax and Industry Information

The number of licensed medical dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturing operations, and testing facilities is based on the number of pharmacies within a jurisdiction. For every ten pharmacies, one license will be issued. Certain exceptions apply when the necessary ratio is not met. Sales of medical marijuana are levied a 2% excise tax. The recreational industry will function on a 15% wholesale tax from the cultivator to manufacturer or retailer with an additional 10% added to all retail sales transactions. After costs of administering regulation, enforcement, and research efforts, remaining tax revenues collected on marijuana will be deposited into the State Distributive School Account in the State General Fund. The 10% excise tax is expected to generate nearly $100 million exclusively for education in the next two years.

Nevada is currently home to 55 marijuana dispensaries, 75 cultivation facilities, 42 product manufacturers, and 11 testing laboratories. The state expects to generate over $400 million of tax revenues within the first seven years of legalization, creating over 6,000 cannabis jobs by 2024. Las Vegas, drawing over 40 million visitors in 2015, is forecast to generate over $200 million in sales in 2018 alone.

Marijuana Activities: Things to do in Nevada

Though marijuana laws in Nevada prohibit smoking lounges and public consumption, the state continues to provide high-quality, enlivened experiences. Consuming cannabis within National Parks, the Las Vegas strip, and your car can possibly get you a public consumption ticket, but marijuana legalization continues the advance into Nevada's economy and culture. Already a large number of cannabis events are popping up throughout the state.

Marijuana Business Conference

The Marijuana Business Conference is one of the largest gatherings of people/investors within the cannabis industry. The conference occurs twice a year, and every November, the conference is to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference is not just an expo with companies displaying products and services at a booth, the conference also offers professional development seminars throughout the week. This year, in 2017, Leafbuyer will be heading to the Marijuana Business Conference to connect with thousands of consumers, businessmen, and investors within the cannabis industry. If you are an investor looking to invest in a rapidly growing industry, then come to our investor meet and greet Thursday, November 16, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas Hempfest

An annual opportunity to adorn cannabis comes to Las Vegas, complete with three stages, live music, industry leaders, and a competition judged by medical patients from around the country. Vendors display innovative products and discuss new growing and manufacturing practices. These valuable discussions present an opportunity for patients, entrepreneurs, legislators, and growers to network and bring much more momentum to the reform of marijuana laws. To enter the three-day expo, you will need to be 21 years or older. To participate in the competition, you'll need your active medical marijuana registration. Don't worry, even if you aren't a Nevada medical patient, the state allows out-of-state medical patients to purchase, possess, and use cannabis.

Cannagrow Expo - Reno

Reno, the biggest little city in the world, hosts an annual trade expo aimed at all things growing. Whether you are an industry leader or just someone interested in cultivating cannabis, the Cannagrow expo hosts over a hundred vendors and twenty-five different educational sessions - all focused on producing the highest quality cannabis.

The 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup

The High Times Cannabis Cup is one of the world's best-known cannabis competitions and exhibits. Filled with innovation, the Cannabis Cup brings enthusiasts together for instructional sessions on industry advances, celebrity appearances, guest speeches, concerts, and, of course, hundreds of vendors and dispensaries hosting their wares. All visitors must be at least 21 years of age.

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