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Learn About Marijuana In Northwest Territories

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Northwest Territories

Who Can Purchase Medical Marijuana? Who Can Purchase Recreationally?

The minimum age for the use of cannabis will be 19. Laws for medical cannabis will remain the same. If a patient has a certain medical condition that can be treated with cannabis they will need a prescription from a doctor.

Where Can Cannabis Be Consumed in the Northwest Territories?

Smoking cannabis will only be allowed in private residences. Public smoking will be prohibited to prevent secondhand smoke.

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Northwest Territories Marijuana Laws

Communities will be able to prohibit the use of cannabis, like alcohol.

Marijuana and Driving

Driving impaired by cannabis is illegal. The Government of Northwest Territories believes that mixing cannabis with driving proposes serious threats and risks to the safety of others.

Marijuana and Minor

The government is committed to having effective measures in place to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors. It have set a minimum age of consumption and possession at 19 years of age. Representatives plan to educate the public of the risks and harms of the underage use of cannabis.

Growing Marijuana at Home

Consumers will be allowed to grow four plants per household.

Penalties and Fines

There will be fines and penalties for driving impaired by cannabis, smoking in public places, and giving cannabis to minors. These fines and penalties will be enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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