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Learn About Marijuana In Manitoba

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Manitoba

Where Are Dispensaries Located in Manitoba?

Manitoba has announced that the four companies that will be allowed to privately retail cannabis are Manitoba Cannabis, Delta 9 Cannabis, Canopy Growth Corp., and National Access Cannabis. The Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation will secure the supply of marijuana in Manitoba, as well as track it.

Marijuana will not be sold in the same store as alcohol. The province has decided to make cannabis accessible within a 30-minute drive for 90 percent of the population in the province. Private retailers will also be able to sell online.

Who Can Buy Medically in Manitoba?  What About Recreationally?

Manitoba officials have set 19 as the minimum age to buy and consume recreational marijuana. However, people will not be able to grow marijuana at their homes for their own use.


Where Can I Consume Cannabis in Manitoba?


Cannabis consumption will be banned in most places beyond private homes, including campsites and parks. Hotels will have the option to allow cannabis consumption in their hotel rooms.

Smoking or vaping cannabis will not be allowed on public streets, school grounds, parks, beaches, or restaurant patios. It is also banned in indoor public areas.

How Do I Find a Job in the Manitoba Marijuana Industry?

Since Canada recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana, there will be many opportunities to get into the marijuana industry.

A single medical marijuana business in Winnipeg says they plan on creating 105 full time jobs in 2018 - and that’s only one company! The number of opportunities for the cannabis industry are expected to double by 2019. Check out the Cannabis Jobs Network for open positions near you.

Is Drug Testing for Marijuana Legal in Manitoba?

The province of Manitoba believes that drug and alcohol testing, including marijuana, has the potential for positive and negative effects. Manitoba's Human Rights Code prohibits the unreasonable testing or automatic or severe discipline or other job related consequences for positive test results.

Manitoba believes that doing so discriminates against employees in a manner prohibited by The Code. Therefore, drug testing is only legal if employers has a reasonable cause for workplace safety issues or performance concerns.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Manitoba?

Yes, medical marijuana delivery is legal in Manitoba. Regulations, however, remain unclear for recreational companies.

How Can I Pay for Marijuana at a Dispensary?

Initially, customers and cardholders paid out of pocket with cash. Since Manitoba is now just getting started in the recreational marijuana industry there is little information on how each dispensary is going to handle their payment methods. Given many medical dispensaries offer delivery, it is easy can pay for it online or pay with cash when the product is delivered.

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Manitoba Marijuana Laws

Cannabis will become legal in Manitoba mid-October 2018. These laws are enacted immediately:

  • For recreational use, you must be 19 years old or older
  • Patients and customers can only purchase cannabis from privately-run store fronts and online
  • Growing marijuana in your home is illegal in Manitoba - regardless of federal legality
  • It is illegal to sell cannabis to someone who is impaired by alcohol or other substances
  • Municipalities can hold a referendum to ban cannabis stores in their communities

Cannabis and Driving

Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal. Police officers will be issued oral screening devices to check for the presence of cannabis. Following this test, drivers could also be ordered to take a blood test or roadside sobriety test.

Cannabis and Minors

Since the Manitoba minimum age for cannabis consumption is 19, anyone under the age of 19 is not allowed to be in possession of or use marijuana.

Laws About Growing at Home

Growing cannabis in homes will not be permitted. Licensed growers and producers are the only ones who will be allowed to grow. With Manitoba's low electricity costs and cheap real estate, it was believed that Manitoba would make a great location for large scale cannabis cultivation. That hasn't yet been the case.

Manitoba currently only has two licensed producers with 630 pending cultivation licenses.

Penalties and fines

Smoking cannabis in areas that aren't permitted will lead to a fine starting at $100 to $500 for the first offense and increase for subsequent infractions.

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