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Learn About Marijuana In Yukon Territory

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in Yukon Territory

Where are the Dispensaries in the Yukon?

The first dispensary will be located in a building that was previously used for the Department of Highways and Public Works storage. It will be located at 120B Industrial Road.

Who Can Purchase Medically? Recreationally?

The minimum age to buy cannabis recreationally is 19 in Yukon. Laws for medical marijuana will be the same as they were before recreational use of marijuana became legal. Cannabis remains legal for medical purposes and can be bought and consumed by individuals with certain medical conditions, such as:


  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis

How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in the Yukon?

In order to become a medical marijuana patient in Yukon you must have one of the following medical conditions or a different medical condition that a doctor believes would be treated best with the consumption of marijuana. You must get a prescription from a licensed doctor giving you permission to access marijuana for medical purposes.

Where Can Cannabis Be Consumed in the Yukon?

Consumption of cannabis will only be permitted in private residences.

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Yukon Territory Marijuana Laws

Prominent Territory Laws

    • The legal age for buying, using and growing pot is 19 years of age
    • The possession limit for cannabis is capped at 30 grams
  • Only four plants are permitted to be grown in each household
  • Marijuana will not be sold along with alcohol

Marijuana and Driving

In Yukon, it is illegal to drive impaired by marijuana. The article, Legal Pot in Yukon: What we know, and what we don’t, says that if you are going to smoke while in any sort of vehicle, you must have it in park. If there is cannabis products in a car, they must be in a closed container and out of reach of the driver and any passengers.

Marijuana and Minors

According to the article “Legal Pot in Yukon: What we know, and what we don’t” there will be criminal charges and penalties to anyone who provides cannabis products to minors.

Growing Marijuana at Home

Each household will be allowed to grow four plants.

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