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Learn About Marijuana In New Brunswick

Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana in New Brunswick

Where Are Dispensaries in New Brunswick Located?

New Brunswick currently has 20 locations for cannabis retail stores planned (at the time of writing). Eleven of the stores plan to open as soon as the law comes into effect October 17. Another nine stores plan to open at a later date.

These stores will be location in Fredericton, Rothesay, Sackville, Shediac, Richibucto, Tracadie, Perth-Andover, and Campbellton.

Who Can Buy Medically in New Brunswick? Recreationally?

To purchase and use cannabis recreationally in New Brunswick, the minimum age is 19. The Canadian federal medical cannabis program, known as the ACMPR, requires a practicing physician to submit paperwork for individuals who may benefit therapeutically from cannabis consumption.

Where Can Cannabis be Consumed?

According to the article, “Forget using pot in public when drug is legal, the province says in strict new laws,” smoking marijuana publicly is not permitted and carries fines and criminal penalties.

How Do I Get a Job in the New Brunswick Cannabis Industry?

To get a job in the cannabis industry in New Brunswick, retail employees are required to take four online educational modules and a self-guided class, which takes from a few days to a few weeks to complete. This is to properly train employees on regulations and compliance in the cannabis industry.

To learn what marijuana-related jobs are available in your area, check out the Cannabis Jobs Network.

Is Drug Testing for Cannabis Legal in New Brunswick?

Canadian laws as a whole support strong beliefs against random drug testing and unreasonable drug tests. The country believes that doing so violates employees’ rights. Drug testing is only permitted if there are justifiable reasons to drug test the employee.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in New Brunswick?

The CCAis exclusively in control of the distribution of recreational marijuana in New Brunswick. The CCA made agreements with common carriers to transport and deliver cannabis products. Therefore, marijuana delivery is legal in New Brunswick.

How Can I Pay for Marijuana in New Brunswick?

As cannabis is legalized at the federal level, purchases can be made with both cash and card. Payment solutions, merchant accounts, and point-of-sale systems for cannabis in Canada are ancillary businesses and are expected to drive high-profit margins for early entrants.

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New Brunswick Marijuana Laws

In New Brunswick, the Cannabis Control Act has been interpreted to mean the following:

  • No smoking in public places.
  • Public possession is limited to 30 grams.
  • Cannabis must be stored in a locked container or locked room.
  • Cannabis must be grown in a secure location - whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Cannabis and Driving

Cannabis driving laws are similar to alcohol-impaired driving laws. Police officers have the right to impose short term roadside suspensions, saliva tests, and impound the vehicles of suspected cannabis-impaired drivers. An initial 18 officers will be trained to specifically detect marijuana-impaired drivers.

Growing Cannabis at Home

The CCA requires cannabis be grown in a secure place on private property. It must be kept in a separate, locked space or surrounded by fence outside. The plants must be 1.52 meters away from the fence.

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