The Ultimate Guide on How to Pass a Drug Test FAST!

Cup of Urine for Drug Test
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Step 1: Find out what type of drug test will you be taking

Before you can know if you can pass a drug test in enough time, you must first know what type of drug test you will be taking. There are few kinds of drug tests, including urine, saliva, hair, or blood tests. As you probably already know, a urine test is the most common, especially when tested by an employer. A hair, blood, or saliva is a much less conventional method of drug testing. Nevertheless, make sure to find this out before you do anything else.

Step 2: Find out what drugs you will be tested for

Will you be tested for amphetamines, MDMA, propoxyphene, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, or PCP? What about THC or CBD found in cannabis?

Step 3: Educate yourself on how long each of these drugs can be detected in a urine or hair sample

While most drugs stay in your urine for 1-6 days, marijuana can be detected in your urine for anywhere up to 90 days. If you are someone who exercises frequently and lives a healthier lifestyle, then you could be able to pass your drug test quicker (up to 45 days). This, however, only applies if you are a regular user and smoke on a frequent basis. For example, if you smoked only a few times a month, then the THC could be out of your system anywhere between 2-10 days. Hair tests can detect THC in your system that was consumed between 60-90 days ago.

How do you pass a drug test?

Many would recommend Testclear ? a great resource to help with all your drug-testing needs. This company only uses proven solutions to help people pass drug tests, and they’ve been helping people pass drug tests for 17 years.

Do you need to pass a drug test in a week?

The Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox program is highly recommended by some cannabis consumers. It will work to ensure that you pass with flying colors. In as little as an hour, Toxin Rid will cleanse your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins.

Do you have to pass your drug test in two days?

Consider trying the Mega Clean Cleansing Drink by Consumers on rave about the results they have seen with this product, stating, "If you are unsure about this product… DON’T BE! It works. Follow the instructions. I tested positive the night before after using the test kit that I also purchased, but I passed the drug test after using this detox drink and using the detox pills provided FOR FREE and following the instructions. AMAZING PRODUCT THAT SAVED ME MY JOB!"

How to pass a hair drug test?

Hair tests that are used to detect THC in your system are much more difficult to pass. However, companies like Testclear have hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers who rave about using their Toxin Rid Shampoo and have successfully passed their hair drug test. A reviewer on the site stated, "My job surprised me with a hair follicle drug screen & I immediately ordered this product. I have not smoked in a month & a half but hair screens detect heavy smoking up to 90 days, so I was screwed. I paid for overnight shipping, started using it 2-3 times a day on Sunday & on Wednesday, the day of my test, I used the Toxin Rid Shampoo. I just got the notice that I passed the test and received the job offer!!! This product is expensive but without it, I would have been unemployed."

Also, there are some tricks in passing these test that you can learn more about on the Testclear website!


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