What Jobs Require Drug Testing?

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If you smoke weed and have ever worked in a professional environment, chances are you've at least had to worry at some point about whether or not you'll be drug tested. And if you have been drug tested, you've probably also worried about passing the drug test. But with cannabis decriminalization and legalization sweeping the nation, more and more positions are offering leniency when it comes to using cannabis. That doesn't mean you can get away with smoking weed with any job or in any industry. So, what are the jobs that require drug testing? And, more importantly, what can you do about it?

Leafbuyer is here with the answers to these very important cannabis questions. There's no need to worry about passing your drug test when you know exactly what kinds of jobs require drug testing in the first place. So, kick back, smoke your favorite strain, and get ready to learn who gets drug tested and why!

A Lot of Jobs Require Drug Testing

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While it's not very difficult to find a position that doesn't require drug testing, it's important to be aware there are a lot of jobs and companies that do require it. From the food industry to construction to education or healthcare, there's always a chance your employer is going to issue a drug test of some sort.

If you're a cannabis enthusiast worried about finding a job that works for you because of potential drug tests, consider finding a job that you know won't test you (possibly a job in the cannabis industry itself). If that isn't possible or ideal for you, a short break can do wonders for passing your drug test, as well as for your tolerance levels! Sometimes whether or not you're going to be drug tested for work depends entirely on the person who owns the company. Some employers just don't care if their employees get baked in their own time while others, unfortunately, definitely do. Be aware that almost any job can test their workers for drugs even if you aren't working in an industry that requires it. At a certain point, drug testing in the workplace is a matter of timing and luck!

Government Positions

One of the obvious job sectors that requires employees to pass a drug test is government positions. If you're working for the county, state, or federal government, you'll likely be issued a drug test before or right after being hired. Government positions don't just include the obvious roles — they can also extend to office or desk positions as well. Government jobs are among the most structured and consistent drug testers out there, so if you're considering working for the government, it may be time to consider giving up cannabis. Maybe in the future when cannabis is less stigmatized, government jobs will become a little less strict with drug tests. Until then, it's safe to assume any government job will require drug testing.

Security Jobs

Another type of job that requires drug testing across the board is in security roles. Policemen, prison security, and even private business security jobs tend to require potential employees to pass a drug screening process before getting to work. While weed won't prevent a security officer from being able to catch the bad guys, it probably doesn't help. Between the paranoia, the distractibility, and the increased likelihood of falling asleep on the job, cannabis isn't exactly a security job performance booster.

Transportation Jobs

Most, if not all, transportation jobs require their employees to pass a drug test before working. Bus drivers, truck drivers, pilots, ferryman, and any other transportation-centric job you can think of need some proof of sobriety. Considering that the mandatory drug testing for transportation roles is a liability practice, it makes a ton of sense to ensure that your employees aren't habitual drug users. While weed might not impair driving as much as alcohol or hardcore psychedelics, it still isn't advisable to drive high on any substance.

How to Pass Your Drug Test

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We now know that tons of jobs require drug testing, even some that you wouldn't expect to care if you enjoy a joint or two before bed. Fair or not, there's a good chance there's a drug test at some point in your future. So, what can you do if you're expecting to have to prove your sobriety soon but haven't had a chance to prepare?

First of all, don't panic! There's a solution to any situation, and sudden drug tests are no exception. All you have to do is immediately quit cannabis (at least for now), drink lots of water, and invest in a quality detox kit. Pass Your Test is the trusted leader in detox and has been since 2000! If you have a job that requires drug testing, Pass Your Test is known to clear the toxins right out of your system. So, just smoke your weed now and you can detox later.


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