Consumer Education: The Best Weed for Sex

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Sex! It is something everyone thinks about, but some are too shy to talk about. However, when it comes to cannabis and sex, consumers can’t hold back their curiosity. It is no secret amongst the cannabis community that getting baked can drastically increase sexual drive. While it may not be the fix-all for those who lack lustful tendencies, it may be the natural aphrodisiac perfect for spicing things up in bed.

Generally, consumers claim that cannabis as a whole is a natural aphrodisiac, but some people have also claimed the opposite. The actual scientific research regarding cannabis and sex is practically nonexistent, but the multitude of consumer testimonies continues to flood the talk of the community. In turn, more and more cannabis sex products are hitting the market, and some strains are starting to list an increased sex drive as part of the strain’s effects.

Let’s take a look at why cannabis could be a natural aphrodisiac and what the best weed for sex is on the market today!

Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac?

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Before jumping into what the best weed for sex is, let’s first determine why so many consumers claim weed is their secret weapon in the bedroom. Even with little research available, there are a few logical explanations that are typically given to explain why cannabis acts as an aphrodisiac.

  • When consuming cannabis, it is known to slow our brain waves down and decrease anxiety. Many problems in the bedroom tend to psychologically related, so if someone gets anxiety-ridden before sex, then getting baked could help them relax enough to increase sexual drive.
  • The psychoactive effects of cannabis tend to increase people’s sensitivity to touch. This can enhance motor senses, increase skin sensitivity, and kick the sexual organs into gear.
  • Most cannabis consumers associate weed with positive emotions, experiences, and sensations. The positive association with cannabis can stimulate the mind and body, which can allow people to get out of their head and more into their body. In turn, the positive and open mindset may enhance sexual drive and overall sexual performance.

When it comes to sex, the worst thing is to be in your head and not in the moment. Cannabis can helps consumers take a deep breath and forget about their daily stressors. The ability to relax, be in-tune with your body, and stay in the moment is why many consumers find cannabis to be their ideal foreplay.

However, there are also many consumer reports claiming the opposite. Some say marijuana can cause users to develop a low sperm count, erectile dysfunction (ED), and a lower sex drive.

  • Some reports show that chronic THC consumption may decrease testosterone levels and eventually lead to a lower sex drive.
  • There are also some reports claiming that high doses of THC can have the opposite of an ideal sex-effect by causing temporary ED and a lower sex drive.
  • Consumers who experience an increase in anxiety or paranoia from cannabis may carry that anxiety and tension into the bedroom.

Again, more research is required to determine the effects cannabis has on sexual experiences. Regardless, there are plenty of customers that say low doses of cannabis are great for spicing things up in the bedroom and are therefore looking for some new products to try out. The worst thing that could happen with a pre-sex smoke session is that you both get stuck on the couch, so it’s safe to say the reward is far greater than the risk!

The Best Weed for Sex

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The best weed for sex can depend on both the strain and the method of consumption. Some cannabis brands have even developed products specifically for sexual experiences. Not every strain is ideal for the occasion, but there are a few factors to look for when picking the best weed for sex.

Best Strains for Sex

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In general, strains that cause an uplifting and happy effect are a great way to get things rolling. However, strains with a relaxed happy high can also be great for setting the mood after a long day. It ultimately comes down to which high a consumer prefers. A potent strain with uplifting terpenes may be a reliable aphrodisiac for you, but your partner might get too anxious with those strains. Luckily, it’s a banging experiment that always ends in pleasure!


1. Bubble Kush  

      Parents: Bubba Kush x OG Kush

      Flavors: Piney / Bubblegum / Skunky

      Effects: Uplifting / Euphoric / Happy

Bubble Kush is a classic hybrid strain with a potent high. It is the best weed for sex amongst experienced consumers who like to keep things slow in the bedroom. While it may not enhance the final bang, it is perfect for maximizing the intimacy and likelihood of a comfy cuddle session. As an indica-dominant hybrid, the initial high from Bubble Kush helps to get the juices flowing, while the slowly sedating effects make it one of the best strains for sex before bed.


2. Agent Orange

      Parents: Local Orange Skunk x Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen

      Flavors: Orange / Citrus / Sweet

      Effects: Energizing / Uplifting / Happy

Agent Orange is the perfect strain for a little morning sex. Its energizing high and uplifting sensations are ideal for getting the day going, and it adds a bit of friskiness to the bedroom. This is an excellent strain for consumers who lack energy in the bedroom and even better for those who already bring it. For who do not like the uplifting head high from a sativa-heavy hybrid like Agent Orange, it could affect your overall performance in bed. Either way, it’s worth experimenting with some Agent Orange in your sex life!


3. Trainwreck

      Parents: Mexican Sativa x Thai Sativa x Afghani

      Flavors: Earthy / Citrus / Piney

      Effects: Uplifting / Euphoric / Happy

For those who struggle when it comes to sexy time, try puffing on some Trainwreck to increase your sexual performance. The overall happy and uplifting effects from this sativa-dominant hybrid make it tough to not be in the mood and may just give you that heightened experience of intense intimacy that you're looking for. It is known as some of the best weed for sex amongst the cannabis community, so don’t let your awkward mind get in the way of your sexual desires. Kick back, roll up some Trainwreck, and make the magic happen!


While these are just a few of the best weed strains for sex, any strains with similar effects are well-worth experimenting with. It's good to keep in mind, though, that too much cannabis could hinder the sexual experience, so it's best to start slow with a few bowl or bong rips to ensure a pleasurable experience.

Other Cannabis Sex Products

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Aside from puffing down on a fat doobie before jumping in bed, there are a variety of other cannabis products great for sex. The most popular of these products tends to be cannabis lube. Foria, for example, is one of the most renowned cannabis lube brands on the market and is a go-to sex product for many users. While cannabis lube may seem like the best weed for sex, it doesn’t usually cause any high effect aside from great sex. For those who still want to get baked, cannabis-infused chocolates are a solid choice. Not only is chocolate also a natural aphrodisiac, but adding cannabis to the mix makes for a euphoric sexual experience. The brand 1960 makes a chocolate edible called Love that is specifically designed for the bedroom. Plus, who doesn’t love a little chocolate, cannabis, and sex!


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