What’s the Deal with Cannabis Lube?

Beautiful Woman Blowing Kiss Marijuana
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Weed is everywhere. These days, especially as states across the nation have foregone prohibition and embraced legalization, marijuana has found its place in nearly every corner of our lives. Cannabis is used for herbal relief as a form of medicine, as a relaxing activity for adults over the age of 21, as a social interaction between friends, and infused in foods and drinks, among other things.

It’s in lotions, oils, baked goods, fabrics. It makes sense; cannabis is a versatile and beneficial (not to mention natural) plant-based product.

It has even come into our sex lives.

What is Cannabis Lube?

Cannabis lube is a sexual lubricant with a texture closer to an oil than a traditional lubricant. The canna-lube is spiked with either CBD or THC properties (there are different varieties) which give users different results.

The canna-lube does not get users high. It has different results than smoking a joint or eating an edible; marijuana does not absorb into the bloodstream to produce a high. Instead, it emits sensations specific to topical application.

However, if oral sex takes place, ingestion of the cannabis lube can very easily lead to a high. Though the canna-lube is usually edible (check the bottle), be careful about how much you allow yourself to swallow; a mind-altering “whoa” could creep in unexpectedly.

The Benefits

Damn, it feels good.

There are various benefits to cannabis lube, starting with an increase in sexual satisfaction. Though not specifically marketed toward women, canna-lube enhances the vaginal experience more so than the penile (for heterosexual partners). Once the lube is applied, it seeps into the vagina’s mucus lining, resulting in several enjoyable sensations; users have reported tingling, warm, and relaxed feelings in their vaginal areas. Men might feel more of a numbing sensation, which can aid in going the extra mile and lasting a little longer.

Cannabis lube works by the THC acting locally on cannabinoid receptors. Blood flow then increases after the absorbed THC dilates the capillaries, which leads to enhanced circulation. The result is added sensitivity. In terms of sex, a little extra stimulus goes a long way.

Many properties that exist in typical weed consumption are involved with cannabis-infused sex. Decreased stress and anxiety, enhanced mood, and an expanding mind can all take place. Coincidentally, each of these effects are factors that make sexual connection easier.

In addition to an extra dose of moisture down south, cannabis lube has also been known to elongate (and in some cases, produce) orgasms. Note: in most cases, it can take about 40 minutes before the effects of the cannabis lube start to take hold; if you’re looking for quick satisfaction, this canna-lube is probably not the right solution.

For the Girls

Foria Pleasure Lube SprayMany marijuana products are coming out of the woodwork that are targeted specifically to women. Moxie Meds is a brand of medical remedies made for women by women, while Whoopi Goldberg has her own line of cannabis products specifically for menstrual pain. Foria Pleasure, which sells cannabis lube, caters to the needs of women who turn to CBD-infused lubricants because of their bodies.

Some women have chronic health issues that result in pain every time they try to have intercourse, vaginal or otherwise. In pop culture, media consumers can read all about it on Buzzfeed: one of their popular producers, Lara Parker, suffers from endometriosis, vaginismus, vulvodynia, and interstitial cystitis. Her conditions make having sex nearly impossible.

For many women with similar types of chronic pain, cannabis lube is a big help. The creator of CannaSexual, a company that aims to mindfully combine sex and cannabis, has turned toward infused lubricants to have sex without experiencing physical pain. Ashley Manta has used lube with high CBD content to help manage pain and reduce inflammation, without sacrificing the enticing and fun properties of sex.

Lube Locator

While research regarding marijuana-infusion and women’s health is not a national priority (thanks to the federal government’s prohibition and Schedule 1 classification of cannabis), lube is still fairly accessible. Luckily for those living in states with legalized marijuana, canna-lube can be bought easily. In states with restricted access, a medical registration card with a doctor’s referral is likely your best bet.

For those living in a recreational or adult-use state, a quick search on Leafbuyer can pull up the best local dispensaries carrying cannabis lube. In California, there are several dispensary options, including Canna Culture Collective and delivery, which has several Foria Pleasure products available to users. When in doubt, be sure to ask a local budtender for their opinion on recreational-use canna-lube; chances are, they’ll have the inside scoop.

Be it for reduced pain or enhanced sexual enjoyment, cannabis lube is a great resource for anyone looking for an extra dose of pleasure, both with a partner and riding solo. It adds an extra layer of benefits to a potentially already sensational experience.