Euflora Opens New 3D Cannabis Center In Denver, Colorado

Euflora 3D dispensary

Euflora is proud to introduce their newest Denver location at the site of the very first legal recreational marijuana sales in the U.S.- totally revamped! Euflora 3D Cannabis Center (4305 Brighton Blvd, Denver) is getting a lot of buzz, not in the least because of the viewing room featuring their live on-site grow, but that anyone who purchases at the store is also eligible for a complimentary grow room tour.

The new Euflora is the site of the first legal cannabis sale after nearly a century of its prohibition, sold to a Marine Corps veteran for combat post-traumatic stress order.

Why Choose Euflora?

euflora dispensary logoNow, just as then, their love and passion for the people’s natural plant are ingrained into Euflora 3D’s DNA, from seed to sale. That’s part of the reason why the indoor growing facility and viewing room attached to the location is so important to the operation.

The addition allows Euflora customers to watch cannabis cultivation first hand.

It has been compared to sitting at the chef’s table of your favorite restaurant, except here, customers can look at the strains grown that put Euflora on the map: Blue Dream, Island Sweet Skunk, Golden Goat, Alien OG, Headband, JetFuel, Sour Diesel, Jack Flash, Bruce Banner, Blackberry Kush, and Pineapple Express. There is a reason they are lovingly referred to as the “Apple Store of Marijuana Dispensaries.”

The 3D Cannabis Center garnered worldwide media attention when it conducted the nation’s first state-legal recreational marijuana sale. When an opportunity to acquire the center presented itself, Euflora knew that this history had to be preserved in this special place. That very first legal sale was attended by industry leaders, marijuana advocates and media alike.

Located in Denver’s RiNo Art District

Euflora 3D Cannabis Center is located in the Denver’s hippest ‘hood, the RiNo Art District, “Where Art Is Made”, where you can visit every day and still find something new and exciting. What was once an industrial neighborhood within the larger Five Points area, filled with warehouses, factories, and auto repair shops, is now a vibrant mosaic of upscale and authentically raw, culture.

RiNo is now cemented as a home to world-class restaurants, breweries, bars, galleries, boutiques, co-working spaces, and a hotel as places to be and see when you’re in Denver.

Euflora dispensary inside shotThe neighborhood is very conducive to both walking or biking, and free street parking is available for those who drive. Alternatively, you can take the University of Colorado A-Line light rail to 38th and Blake station and stroll over. For something a little quirky, try Drink RiNo’s free eTuk rides on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Soon, RiNo will also have new pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, and additional protected bike lanes as part of North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative’s redevelopment projects. Once you make your Euflora purchase, we suggest grabbing a coffee at Blue Sparrow Coffee and wandering the vibrantly graffitied streets in search of the dozens of galleries and numerous artist studios tucked into every corner.

As always, Euflora’s 3D store will feature the same open and interactive cannabis shopping experience our valued clients have come to expect. They still carry a wide variety of cannabis flowers straight from our state-of-the-art greenhouse facility plus the best edibles on the planet, triple-tested for purity, pesticides, and potency.

We welcome you to stop in and see the newest member of the RiNo community, and experience Euflora!


This is a sponsored article provided by Euflora