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Blue dream is a legendary strain of marijuana originating in California that has gained significant popularity on the west coast and in Colorado. Also known as the 'Bayer of Cannabis' this sativa dominant strain is known for its ability to relieve headaches and other minor physical ailments. Packed with a sweet berry flavor and a blueberry aroma, you can expect pain relief and relaxation in a matter of minutes, along with a clear-headed and euphoric cerebral effect.


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Overview of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that offers potent THC content paired with a moderate amount of CBD. Blue Dreams tests at up to 25% THC, and 0.04% CBD. The unique blend of terpenes present in Blue Dream have led users to describe the high as full body relaxation with a gentle cerebral effect.

This combination of euphoric high with mild pain-relieving properties has led Blue Dream to be one of the country's most popular strains of marijuana.

Potential Effects of Blue Dream

Blue Dream provides its users with a relaxed, happy affect. This relaxation and light cerebral high has made Blue Dream one of the most popular strains in the world as it is relaxing and uplifting at once. This strain truly is the best of both its sativa and indica parents.

Potential Effects of Blue Dream

Blue Dream eases its users into a stress free high that has led to many who suffer from anxiety turning to this sativa dominant hybrid. Its uplifting effects make it an ideal candidate for those suffering from depression, and the indica lineage also allows for a moderate amount of pain relief.

Potential Negative Effects of Blue Dream

While it is an award-winning strain that has captured the hearts of users nationwide, blue dream is not without its drawbacks. Users have reported dry mouth with this strain, and some may feel slightly anxious or paranoid after imbibing.

While it is always good to have holistic information on a strain, it is also important to remember that this strain is the most popular strain in Washington and has garnered almost universal appeal.

Lineage of Blue Dream

Blue Dream owes its legendary status in part to its lineage. First appearing in the coastal community of Santa Cruz, California, Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry indica and the potent sativa, Haze. The breeding of these two highly sought-after phenotypes resulted in a sativa dominant hybrid which reflects its indica lineage with mild bodily effects typical of indica dominant strains.

Growing Blue Dream

Blue Dream grows easily, as the plant roots and sprouts quickly before producing massive yields. This strain of marijuana grows best in soil, and the vegetative stage will take the longest. Between 55-65 days, the plant will pick up the pace for the flowering stage.

Like a sativa, Blue Dream plants will stretch and branch out and become heavily laden with potent.THC-rich flowers with blue and purple hues. The dense flowers will be covered in orange hairs, and you can harvest at 8-9 weeks.

Everyone grows Blue Dream a little differently, and for this reason some plants can grow short, wide leaves characteristic of an indica. However, true Blue Dream grows like a sativa, and grows tall with narrow leaves. Unfortunately, these discrepancies in appearance have led to Blue Dream becoming one of the world's most counterfeited strains.

Where to Find Blue Dream

Blue Dream can be found wherever marijuana can be found as it is one of the most popular strains in the nation. Connoisseurs searching for this strain will find it easiest to find in Washington State as it is heralded as the state's most popular strain. Searching for Blue Dream in other states is a similarly easy task, as most dispensaries in states like California, and Colorado will also carry this legendary hybrid.

As California is the state of origin for Blue Dream, it makes sense that Californians would have the easiest time acquiring Blue Dream. Medical patients can very literally have the strain delivered to their front door in San Francisco, California.

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