Cannabis and Yoga: 3 Products for Your Next Session

Woman in Yoga Pose
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Cannabis and yoga have a lot in common, so it's no surprise that the two go together nicely.

Defined as "a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines," yoga is a tool often used throughout the world to reach various goals relating to health, inner peace, and balance.

And now, as marijuana is infiltrating the mainstream through legislation, cultural normalcy, and natural healthcare, the two are joining forces.

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When the Sum is Greater Than Its Parts

In some states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, users can toke up during their weekly yoga classes. Usually the arrangement is weed-friendly, where users can bring their own cannabis, and take tokes from their joint or inhale from their vaporizer periodically during class time.

It makes sense.

Cannabis use often has calming, enlightening, and uplifting effects. The combination of cannabis and yoga, as well as meditation, can lead to a fully blossomed sense of mindfulness.

For other areas without these options, it's still possible to enjoy the benefits of weed and yoga. The following products, when used before a class (whether online or in a studio), can maximize the spiritual uplift and enjoyment of a typical yoga session, and heighten the experience.


Yoga Meditation Marijuana
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One of the best products of cannabis for yoga, whether taken before class or during, is flower.

Whether it’s smoked or vaped, flower is considered a prime way to experience a strain's flavors and effects. Hybrids tend to pair best with yoga, since indicas can be demotivating (though they're also known for reducing anxiety) and sativas can lead to easy distraction (in addition to heightened energy).

However, preferences are entirely up to each person. Overall, it's best not to get super high, as performing the physical demands of the class should still come first.

Some strains to consider:

  • Hybrid: Blue Dream is a popular choice of hybrid flower, blending a sweet blueberry flavor with a dream-like high. This strain leads to full-body relaxation via gentle cerebral euphoria. It pairs nicely with a yoga class to reach total peace of mind.
  • Hybrid: Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that leads to a more intense high, known for its potency and high THC content.
  • Sativa: Lamb's Breath brings an unexpected calming effect mixed with an uplifting peace. While energizing, this strain also emits positive vibes for the user.
  • Indica: Granddaddy Purple leads to total zen. This strain is used for euphoria, physical serenity, and tranquility – an ideal complement to meditation.


When smoking or vaping isn't an option, or if you’re opposed to inhaling smoke, edibles are an excellent alternative.

The best way to experience the mind-altering effects of cannabis-infused baked goods is to try to time the high just right so that it the use of cannabis and a yoga class coincide. Depending on the thickness of the edible and how long it takes to digest, the THC hits the bloodstream at different times.

Infused drinks usually have a faster effect than brownies, and THC content plays a big role too.

Also, be sure not to over-indulge. Follow packaging directions for consumption and pay attention to amounts.

A good rule of thumb: Don't eat the whole thing.

Yoga might enhance the overall effects of the edible, so aim to underdo it rather than over. You don't want that high to knock you right out of your downward dog.


Combining CBD cannabis with yoga can deepen the connection of the session. Both bring balance.

Adding a CBD-infused product, such as an oil or topical, can help to further bring your body into a state of balance during a yoga session.

The result?

Optimized tranquility and peace of mind and soul, as well as a soothed body.