How to Roll a Joint – Marijuana 101

how to roll a joint

While rolling a joint may seem rather intuitive at first, it actually can prove to be quite difficult for novices and first-timers.

Moreover, some avid marijuana enthusiasts claim to be able to roll the perfect joint, but Uncle Tom’s saliva-covered joint tends to look more like a melting popsicle.

So, in order to not embarrass yourself at a smoke sesh, Leafbuyer has provided a how to roll a joint guide to show you how to roll the perfect joint.

Materials Needed

a joint, filter, and rolling papers showing materials you need to roll a joint

First off, it’s imperative to understand the systematic approach to rolling a joint, which doesn’t involve copious amounts of potentially germ-ridden saliva. Prior to delving too deep into the process, it’s important to pick out joint rolling papers.

Based on personal experience, Hempfest off of Lake City Way in Seattle, WA has some of the most extensive and high-quality selections of papers. And yes, if you were wondering, this store is an attachment to the Hempfest HQ – meaning, these people are serious about weed and take pride in providing consumers enthralling marijuana experiences.

Let’s get back to the process. The following materials are needed to roll the perfect joint:

Joint Papers

rolling paper with cannabis in it ready for you to use a step by step guide to rolling a joint

This is what is needed to hold the marijuana together. As for what flavor you want, it all depends on your personal taste. Some buyers desire palate-poppin’ tropical flavors, while others prefer a cigar-type blunt wrap.

Whatever your preference, it’s always good to purchase something that will satisfy your taste buds without disturbing the marijuana experience.

Cannabis Grinder

cannabis grinder with cannabis in it and a joint ready to be packed

Purchasing a grinder is far better than breaking up the pot with your hands. Also, it will expedite the process and ensure a more smooth hit. Many of my friends have purchased their grinders from Ruckus Recreational Cannabis, as the products are high quality and ethically constructed.

Additional items include joint tips (i.e., filters), which can extend the smoking experience by creating more space between the marijuana and mouth. It’s easier to smoke a roach later on if the tip is included. Lastly, a pen will be necessary for packing the joint, and (yep, you guessed it) a lighter will be needed to light the joint.

Choosing the Right Strain

cannabis flower in a pile

Cannabis flower is a pretty crucial part of rolling a joint. Prior to purchasing a certain strain, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do I prefer a body high?
2) Do I prefer a mental high?
3) Do I prefer a combination of the two? Maybe a hybrid?
4) What is my cannabis tolerance level? Properly weighing this option can prevent an unnecessary freak-out-trip to the ER.
5) Do I want the marijuana itself to be the focal point of taste?
6) Or, do I want the raw joint wrap to be the primary taste? Of course, some may want a combination of both so it’s clearly not limited to the two questions.

Discussing these questions with an experienced budtender will likely simplify the process and thus provide a higher probability of gratification.

Rolling the Joint

Step One

After carefully choosing your strain, place the buds in your grinder and break down the marijuana. If you don’t have a grinder, make sure to dry your hands so the marijuana doesn’t stick to them and leaves an incredibly sticky residue.

marijuana in grinder

Step Two

Make the filter, or as some call it: the crutch. It’s simple really: grab a small, thicker rectangular piece of paper and roll it starting on the short side, folding bits of the paper back and forth making it look like a “W” on the inside of a circle. Roll it tightly. Set aside.

closer up shot of a joint rolling set up with a rolling paper, ground cannabis, and a homemade filter

Step Three

Fill the joint with the ground bud. Typically, inserting between half a gram and a gram is enough to sufficiently roll the joint.

putting ground bud into a rolling paper to roll a joint

Quick note: make sure to insert the filter now, if desired.

unfinished joint with bud and filter

Step Four

Pack and roll up the joint. Holding the joint horizontally, place your thumb and index fingers on both sides (not on each end) of the joint. Make sure you have a firm grip and slowly roll your fingers back and forth a few times to manipulate the bud into a cone shape.

Once you’ve achieved the desired shape (you probably won’t get a cone the first time), roll it up tightly by rolling one side of the paper into the other. Once nearly rolled up, make sure to properly fold over the glue side in order to secure the joint together. ‘

Using some saliva can further secure the joint as well.

rolling a joint by moving the marijuana into a cone shape

Step Five

On the end of the joint without the filter, use the top of the pen to gently press the marijuana down toward the filter side to pack the joint. This step should create some room for you to twist the end of the joint into a light-able tip.

man packing a cannabis joint

Step Six

Enjoy your perfectly rolled joint! Be sure that when you light your joint, you roll the joint back and forth to make sure the flame hits all parts of the joint.