7 Tools Every Stoner Needs to Be Prepared for a Smoke Sesh

grinder, lighter and other tools every stoner needs

Stoners know that smoking weed can come with its own list of possible side effects and consequences: coughing, forgetfulness, or getting caught with cannabis, to name just a few. Basically, smoking weed is fun but it isn't always easy – unless you have the right tools, that is! Don't assemble your weed toolkit as you go like most people! Instead, prepare ahead of time and avoid experiencing the inconvenience of missing a stoner staple. Use this list and never get caught without all of the weed tools every stoner needs.

The Tools Every Stoner Needs

smoke set up


pile of lighters on a table

As far as tools go, fire is about as OG as it gets. Humanity's use of flame as a tool has evolved drastically over the years: torches and flint stone eventually turning into handy-dandy items like our current matches and lighters! With fire literally at our fingertips, stoners have no good reason to forget such an awesome tool at home. Especially since, without fire, there's no smoke (and just about every stoner needs smoke). Don't let one of man's oldest tools go to waste!

A Grinder

grinder with bud

Though you can technically do without a grinder, you may not always want to! Grinders make processing weed easy, which is something to appreciate (especially for the stereotypically lazy stoner). Sure, you can chop up a nug of weed with a kitchen knife, but even that doesn't beat the grind-and-catch functionality of a grinder! Plus, grinders are fantastic for carrying around small amounts of weed. A grinder is a weed tool every stoner needs, at least if they want to collect kief!

A Tea Tin

tea tins

Tea tins aren't only good for storing fancy teas – they work for weed as well! While cannabis storage units (also known as dank tanks) are already sold and manufactured as such, a tea tin is less likely to sport a boldly emblazoned cannabis leaf. And if subtlety still doesn't sell it, tea tins are also perfect for curing and storing your cannabis. Airtight and smell-proof by design, tea tins are the artsy alternative to your everyday weed container. Sometimes its good to keep your cannabis a little inconspicuous!

A Cleaning Kit

northern lights cannabis strain plant

No stoner should go through life without a handy cleaning kit for all their smoking apparatuses (pipes, bongs, bubblers, etc...). As far as tools every stoner needs, a cleaning kit is pretty essential. Let's face it, dirty pieces smell bad, look bad, and most importantly, taste bad! A weed cleaning kit is cheap and easy to assemble: all you need is rubbing alcohol, Epsom salt, and some q-tips for cleaning your weed devices. Take the time to clean your piece so you can actually taste your weed, not the dozens of bowls before it!

A Notepad


Remember that thing you forgot when you were stoned? Of course you don't. A notepad is the best tool to fight cannabis-induced short-term memory loss! No more misremembering plans, recipes, or awesome business ideas. Just keep notes on a phone, with paper and pen, or anything that's convenient for you. You'll be amazed at how quickly those notes fill up with little stoned-thoughts that you would have otherwise forgotten


pack of gum

Gum is cheap, easy to come by, and serves a much greater purpose than just tasting yummy. In fact, gum is the perfect tool every stoner needs to combat dry mouth and stinky weed breath! Gum gets your salivary glands working, and wipes out any unsavory tastes. Choose whatever flavor you prefer and make sure you bring enough for everyone. It goes fast, especially when people are thinking about post-smoke munchies.

A Water Bottle

two waterbottles

A tool that every stoner needs is a water bottle, preferably reusable. While technically everyone could benefit from having a water bottle on hand, stoners can get twice the usefulness. For instance, you can use it to change your bong water or fill your bubbler. And since inhaling smoke as a hobby can get rough on the throat, water is always there to soothe the burn. Reusable water bottles are also a great way to stay eco-conscious so you can live up to the tree-hugging stoner stereotype. You can even fill it with some CBD Living Water, just for kicks!

It Pays To Be Prepared!

lighter and bud

And there you have it, the basic list of weed tools every stoner needs to be able to smoke in comfort. You can add and replace whatever items you want, or even remove them entirely. After all, your weed toolkit should be personalized to your individual cannabis consuming needs. And if you ever think of anything else you need while stoned, be sure to write it in your notebook so you don't forget!