How to Make Marijuana Tea

marijuana tea lbSometimes, a cup of tea just hits the spot. A mug full of steamy flavored water can do a person some good there are the usual benefits, like an extra dose of hydration, a yummy low-calorie snack, or even just a pick-me-up on an early morning. When marijuana tea gets added into the mix, the perks seem even greater.

It’s wise to remember that cannabis-infused teas have varying psychoactive and recreational effects, unique to the method used in the brewing process. Across the board, however, the process is essentially the same: THCA (the non-mind altering component in cannabis) is converted to THC, thanks to decarboxylation. It’s just like when the bud is smoked; when a little fire is added into the equation, good things happen, marijuana takes its best form. It’s the same thing when boiling water heats up the herb.

There are several factors to keep in mind when making tea that will affect how potent the tea turns out. There are things that will change the taste, and you’ll have to mess around with them until you find a balance that suits your tastes. Things to consider:

  • Moisture level of the cannabis
  • How much flower is added to the recipe
  • The type of oven used (gas vs. electric)

When it comes to brewing marijuana tea, there are a variety of ways and methods, each with their own taste and flavor. Curious on bringing infusion to your tea kettle? For information on how to make marijuana tea, see below.


Method 1: Dry flowers + water

This traditional method involves an infusion of water and dry flowers, very similar to the regular tea making process. Though this is a very straightforward approach, this tea typically comes out with less of a mind-altering effect. Since THC is not water-soluble, this kind of tea is usually less psychoactive.

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Method 2: Fat infusion

This kind of marijuana tea involves a mixture of cannabis-infused with fat combined with tea leaves and water. Fats can be anything from coconut oil to dairy products like butter or milk. When combined with the cannabis and water, the fats thicken to create a latte-likeness; it’s creamy and delicious and, best of all, potent.

Method 3: Extraction added

Alcohol-based extracts, like tinctures, are added to a mix of regular tea leaves and water for this marijuana tea. After combining the ingredients, applying heat will transform the tea into a cannabis treat.

The Go To Recipe

For a surefire marijuana tea, try out this simple recipe first, following method 2.


  • ½ gram of ground marijuana buds
  • ½ teaspoon of butter
  • 1½ cups of water


  1. Combine the bud and the butter.
  2. Put the mixture into a tea diffuser or empty tea bag.
  3. Heat the water over medium-high heat.
  4. Add the tea bag/ball (making sure it’s closed entirely), simmer for 30 minutes without boiling or evaporating the water.
  5. Remove the tea, let the water sit for 5 minutes before drinking.
  6. Optional: add sugar or honey if you prefer a sweeter taste.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rising and shining or winding down for the night, marijuana-infused teas make for a simple, refreshing treat. Heat some water, decarboxylate some bud, and enjoy a fresh cup of THC goodness with the method that’s right for you.

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