Why Guess? Let Cannalator Help You Measure THC for Edibles

Pot leaf on cutting board near rolling pins and broken eggs for baking

More and more consumers are taking matters into their own hands and baking delicious infused foods many never thought would exist. Nowadays, just about any meal or baked good can be dosed with THC and enhanced into a stellar euphoric treat!

However, while anyone can think of an excellent idea for an infused food, few know how to dose THC into a full-course meal or sweet dessert properly. Sure, the process of decarboxylation is ?nally becoming basic consumer knowledge; yet, many consumers still do not know how to dose THC into their infused foods without taking a little risk. Edibles are the most potent method of cannabis consumption and should be made with caution. Every consumer reacts to a dose of THC differently; mainly, when it’s digested rather than inhaled or vaped. In the past, consumers winged their infused food recipe without ?guring out the exact dosage of THC per serving. Luckily, consumers now have the tools and resources to infuse THC into their edibles accurately.

The Importance of Accurate THC Dosages in Infused Foods 

Marijuana buds and baking utensiles

Even though concentrates can test as high as 90% THC or more, edibles still take the prize as the most potent cannabis product on the market. When our bodies digest THC, it is broken down through our liver, which produces a secondary compound known as 11-hydroxy THC. 11-hydroxy THC is ten times more potent than regular THC. For this reason, edibles are to be taken seriously and in moderation. A majority of the stories regarding consumers getting too high involve infused edibles. Without properly dosing THC into an inspired food, the consumer is taking quite the risk and might not achieve the experience they desire.

Rather than guess how many milligrams of THC are in each serving of an edible, consumers now have a user-friendly, simple tool to help dose THC into their infused goods. The Cannalator is the ultimate, essential tool every cannabis chef needs to make consistently accurate edibles. It takes the risk out of homemade edibles and brings a sense of professionalism to the home kitchen. The Cannalator does the math for you! Just plug in the amount of cannabis ?ower in grams, the percentage of THC or CBD for that material, and the desired serving size to get the exact dosage of THC per serving. Consumers can now calculate the dose of THC and guarantee a reliable, consistent, and effective infused food. Rather than let your friends eat edibles at their own risk, you can let them know the exact dose of THC they are consuming!

Using the Cannalator in Infused Food Recipes 

There is an endless amount of infused food recipes for consumers to try at home. Regardless of the recipe, the Cannalator is the best tool for ?guring the exact dose of THC per serving. Let’s start with a basic, but delicious cannabis-infused cookie!

Triple Chocolate Candy Cane Cannabis Cookie 

Cannalator Figures:
? Desired dosage – 20mg THC per serving (1 cookie)
? Grams of Cannabis ? 7 Grams of Cannabis Flower
? THC Potency ? 20% THC
? Servings ? 48 Cookies 

Thanks to the Cannalator, all a consumer must do is type in the amount of cannabis material they are using, the THC potency of that material, the desired servings, and then adjust the amount of cannabis to ?t the desired dosage per serving. In this case, if you would like each cookie to have 20mg of THC using 20% THC material, with 48 cookies, a total of only 5.1 grams of cannabis would be required for using butter, or 5.8 if using coconut oil. Every edible recipe starts with converting the cannabis into a butter or cooking oil. By using the above cannalation, a consumer can make the exact amount of cannabutter for each recipe. Keep in mind; if you know a recipe only makes 12 servings; be sure to multiply the recipe to meet the desired amount of servings in the calculation to ensure an accurate dosage of THC.

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Cannabis-Infused Lasagna 

Lasagna with cannabis and meat

Cannalator Figures:
Desired dosage ? 30 mg of THC per Serving
? Grams of Cannabis ? 3.5 Grams of Cannabis Flower
? THC Potency ? 16% THC
? Cannalator Servings ? 12 Servings

Instead of using a cannabutter, this infused food recipe calls for canna-oil. To ensure 30mg of THC per serving of lasagna, all you need is an average 2.7 grams of 16% THC ?ower if using extra virgin olive oil. Go through the decarboxylation process and infuse the cannabis into the cooking oil. Be sure to use the exact amount of cooking oil that the recipe needs. If you use more oil than the recipe calls for, it will affect the overall outcome of the method. Plus, it is always a bit easier to make the exact amount of canna-oil for each recipe to ensure an accurate dosage. Once the canna-oil is ready to go, begin the rest of the recipe and get ready for a mouth-watering infused meal!

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Infused Food for Thought 

There are a ton of infused food recipes to try out in your kitchen! Using the Cannalator is the best way to ensure a reliable and safe dosage of THC in every serving. It is essential always to start low and slow when consuming edibles. The example dosages above are still high-dosage infused edibles and are best for experienced consumers. Nevertheless, with the Cannalator, consumers can now easily adjust the amount of cannabis to calculate their desired dosage of THC with the utmost of accuracy!

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