Electric Marijuana Grinders Make Grinding Weed Easier

electric marijuana grinders

For individuals using a manual herb grinder can be difficult and taxing. However, there are electric marijuana grinders out there to make life easier for all cannabis users.

Smokers might prefer electric grinders just because of convenience or ease of use, but given the right model, large quantities of bud can be prepared at the push of a button.

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Types of Electric Marijuana Grinders

Primarily, there are four different types of electric marijuana grinders; Pen, Wand, Stapler, and Silo.


Pen-type grinders are the smallest and most compact, their capacity is usually measured in grams, and they are most often powered by common household batteries.

Characterized by, a slim profile, internal storage container, and dispensing nozzle, pen grinders offer portability and concealment.


Wand-style grinders are distinguished by their length, larger capacity, and resemblance to the similarly named kitchen appliance.

Cannabis flowers are held in a detachable container with exposed blender type blades. Battery powered.


Stapler-type grinders are some of the least common. Using a spring-loading system to push the cannabis through the device.

Sizes do vary, but capacity is on par with some of the larger pen type grinders.

The portability of stapler-like grinders lies somewhere in between wands and pens. They are battery powered but sometimes use less common 9-volt batteries.


Silos are the largest of the electric marijuana grinders, both in size, capacity, and sheer breadth of machines to choose from. They range from smaller herb-specific models to household coffee grinders, all the way to industrial strength machines.

Here you will find many kitchen appliances (coffee and spice grinders) doing double duty.

These grinders are best suited for stationary use, due to their size and use of hard-wired power. Their capacity is measured in ounces, should you need to mince mountains of marijuana.

Who’s Got the Power?

For those grinders that use household batteries (AA, AAA, or 9V), a modicum of power is derived. These are going to be the most portable and easiest grinders to travel with, but the trade-off is reduced power and capacity.

The few portable electric marijuana grinders that use a lithium-ion battery, have a significant improvement in torque and power storage. The lithium-ion battery is charged via a USB cord.

However, the corded, table-mounted silos are going to give you the most oomph to power through copious amounts of sticky cannabis without issue.

Do They Get Clogged?

Short answer? Yes, eventually. Prodigious use of overly-wet or sticky bud or just prolonged use is enough to gum up any grinder, electric or manual.

Some electric marijuana grinder designs are more conducive to periodic cleanings than others. A few are even dishwasher safe.

Your usage patterns will help dictate which grinder is best for you.

Where to Find Them

The internet is going be the easiest way to get your hands on most of these devices. Though cannabis dispensaries and head shops generally sell manual grinders, most do not stock any variety of electric marijuana grinders.

YouTube offers a range of reviews on most of the devices discussed here, giving you the opportunity to see these machines in action.

Amazon is seen as the leading purveyor for the bulk of these grinders. Giving you the biggest variety of options and more reviews to help shape your choice.