Hiding the Smell of Weed

Hiding the smell of weed is important no matter where you are. Marijuana is one of the most odiferous plants to exist, and even though it smells good while it’s growing, odds are, some of your uncool neighbors won’t like it and they’ll complain about it. From there you can get fined, searched, or evicted depending on where you live.

Because cannabis is so pungent, you must know the ins and outs of covering up that glorious stink or finding a way to remove it altogether. A little bit of weed smoke can piss off an entire apartment building, and a couple flowering plants can irritate your next-door neighbors.

Weed is legal, yes, but keep in mind that not everyone supports that fact. You must be considerate. Don’t give good stoners a bad name by being the guy who doesn’t know anything about common courtesy. We’re better than that!

How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell

How to Hide the Smell of Weed in the Grow

A grow room with flowering cannabis plants is a factory for pungent weed stink, and if you want to protect your pretty ladies, you’ll have to make that smell disappear. If you want to get rid of weed smell in the grow, you’re going to want to consider a carbon filtration system, an air purifying system, or a plain old odor neutralizer. A grow room with extra smelly plants, the skunk variety if you will, may need to utilize all three.

Carbon Filters and Scrubbers

A carbon filter system is usually the most viable option because of how efficient the system is. Carbon filters are also easy to clean and maintain, and as a bonus, they last a lot longer than some other methods. Carbon filters use active carbon to chemically absorb smells and air impurities. If someone you know smokes in their house, odds are they had an air filter with a carbon filter inside to help pull the cigarette smell out of the air. Stale air goes in, gets trapped by the carbon, and clean air comes out.

If you’re using big HPS grow lights, you probably have an inline fan system in place already to cool the lights and the grow room. If this is the case, measure the diameter of your exhaust, and install your carbon filter into the ducting so that the air escaping your exhaust comes out clean and weed smell free.

If you want to learn more about this specific setup, you can check out this how-to.

Odor neutralizers don’t belong in the grow since they are known to affect the plants in a negative way, such as altering the natural smell and taste of your plants. They don’t cover up the smell of flowering plants for long, anyway.

If you are going to use a neutralizer, you should focus on using it outside of the grow room to cover up the odor of your exhaust or your home.

How to Hide the Smell of Smoking Weed

There are plenty of ways to cover up the smell of smoking pot. If you’re sitting at home at night just smoking a bowl or two, you may just need some house plants. Peace lilies, chrysanthemum, devil’s ivy, lady palms, snake plants, english ivy, and weeping fig plants are all incredibly good at improving the air quality in the home. They’re some of the most active “breathing” plants and can filter air slowly.

If you smoke a little heavier than that, you’re going to want to have an air filter handy. Air filters are great if you have time to let your air circulate. If you keep your air filter running, the weed smell will usually dissipate and filter through in an hour or so. Some air filtering machines have carbon filters, which is also very helpful for completely neutralizing odors.

If you’re pressed for time and you need to hide the smell of weed fast, you should consider odor neutralizers. Incense burners are perfect for this type of situation because the smoke they release is slow burning, and it’s rather pungent. Incense covers just about any odor you may be experiencing for a short time. You can also use plug in air fresheners and air perfumes like glade or febreeze.

If you’re in a place you shouldn’t be smoking in, and we’ve all been there, you can consider making a sploof. That’s a stupid name for a handheld filter. Basically, it’s a toilet paper or paper towel tube with a dryer sheet attached to one end that you exhale your smoke into. It leaves no negative odor behind and they’re super easy to make. Just make sure you’re getting all the smoke into the sploof, including whatever is rolling out of your bowl in between hits. By the way if other smells are proving to be a nuisance, check out these common fixes to common household odors.

by Nicole Flanigan