5 Sneaky Gadgets to Stash Your Stash in Plain Sight

Someone is hiding cannabis in a cigarette box

It's the perennial problem: Where can I hide my weed?

It seems like the old shoe box in the back of the closet just doesn't cut it anymore. With today's skunky cultivars, masking that smell is no small task, and keeping cannabis safe and away from children can be a stressful endeavor – It’s a problem concerning plenty of parents.

We've all heard of the hollow-heeled shoe, or the suitcase with secret compartments. However, in this security-obsessed, post-1984 world, we don't want to give the little ones any reason for suspicion. Fortunately, there’s an entire marketplace of stealthy products designed to conceal your marijuana and accompanying accessories.

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Five Products for Hiding Cannabis

Book Safe – $15.14

Nothing says, “Stealthy hiding place,” like this book safe. It looks like a real book and blends in perfectly on your bookshelf or nightstand. The Diversion Book Safe is designed to look like "The New English Dictionary" and features steel sides and a durable lock with two keys — a spare, just in case you forget where you put one. With a hiding space 2" deep, 5.6" wide, and 9" long, you'll be able to stash an ounce, your favorite glass pipe, a lighter, and even a mini personal air filter to make that cloud of suspicion disappear.

AXE Body Spray Secret Stash – $26.99

Sometimes, taking a little herb with you means potentially leaving it in the open — That can make you sweat! Fortunately, there's the Can Safe, disguised as an ordinary can of AXE Body Spray. No one will look twice when you bring it to the gym, rest it on a bathroom shelf or take it with you in your toilet sundries. Simply unscrew the top, then insert your stash into the hidden compartment. It’s made from a real AXE Body Spray can — Just don't try to spray it, because it's not a working deodorant.

Coors Beer Safe – $7.99

Young kids generally keep away from beer cans anyway, right? Here in Colorado, we like Coors, but Diversion Safe makes beer can stash spots out of several other brands. Is Budweiser your Friday night go-to? Miller Lite? Hide your stash in plain sight on the coffee table or kitchen counter for easy access and clean-up.

Outlet Safe – $6.19

Also from Diversion Safe is the Hidden Wall Safe, a hiding place designed to look like an ordinary electrical outlet. Sporting a large, 7" by 2.5" by 2" hidden compartment, the outlet features a key and lock, disguised as a typical faceplate. Once unlocked, the mock outlet pulls forward to expose a hidden compartment. The hiding place doesn’t work as an actual outlet, but comes with the necessary installation hardware.

Apothecarry 4-Strain Case – $259.00

Part humidor, part stash box, part safe: The Apothecarry Case is an odor resistant, handmade case specifically designed for the marijuana connoisseur. The system is a full herb and tobacco organizational system designed to keep your products fresh, arranged, and secure. Apothecarry is technologically leaping ahead of the competition. It uses a Boveda humidity system to keep the herb from drying out. This also ensures a mold-free enclosure and keeps your buds sticky, yet dry enough for optimal curing. The case also includes a high-quality three-chamber grinder made of zinc alloy, allowing for quick, even, and easy grinding. Another plus is food grade silicone dab jars and a stainless-steel dab stick.

The case can be safely locked with a built-in, four-digit rotator lock.

Each Apothecarry case comes with four glass jars for different strains with wooden lids and customizable, re-writable labels.

The package also includes:

  • eight humidity control packets
  • four silicone
  • non-stick dab containers
  • an odor-proof travel container
  • elastic straps for holding pre-filled oil canisters upright
  • a removable tray for breaking and rolling
  • a side nook for tools and papers
  • a pocket for securely holding pipes, vapes or pens

In other words, the Apothecarry Case includes everything but the kitchen sink.

They say that necessity is the mother of innovation. Nowhere does this ring truer than in our trusty hiding spots. So, if you want to be safe and secure at home or on the go, there's a solution for hiding cannabis to accommodate your needs. From ordinary objects cleverly adapted for ultimate stealth to ultra-fancy stash boxes that cater to all your smoking needs, where there's a stash, there's got to be a good hiding spot.

Now, where did I put that box?