Markle Sparkle Secret: Third Strain Revealed, Attend Cannabis Cup NorCal

Meghan Markle may have recently joined the royal family, but it’s her stateside kin who’s making headlines. Dooley, nephew to the Duchess of Sussex, recently unveiled his own cannabis strain, Markle Sparkle, dedicated to his royal aunt. He plans to share the unique strain this weekend during one of the industry’s largest recreational festivals: The High Times Cannabis Cup in Santa Rosa, California.

The strain, Dooley jokes, will "knock anyone's crown off," referring to the high THC potency. Markle Sparkle tests at over 20 percent THC.

Markle Sparkle is a signature strain developed by Dooley in partnership with Daley Organics, a growing resource company, and Dooley’s partner Mama D.

Markle Sparkle by name is a tribute to the newly-wedded Markle, known for having a highly attuned style — a “sparkle”, if you will. Dooley sought to dust the nascent legal marijuana scene with a bit of the same, glistening shimmer.

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Public awareness regarding Markle Sparkle and the forthcoming Royally Grown cannabis brand has grown over the last month. During this period of public attention, Dooley has been keen to release details of his newest cannabis endeavor in morsels.

Today, we finally get a full look at Markle Sparkle.

Dooley's company Royally Grown produces the strain among other items, including clothing. Inspired by an evolved, yet deeply-resonating connection with cannabis, Royally Grown offers high-quality, premium apparel. All U.S.-made materials go into each handcrafted product the brand offers.

Markle Sparkle Lineage Breakdown 

Blue City Diesel X Blueberry Northern Lights X Blueberry OG

Each genetic component of Markle Sparkle is endowed with a heavy blueberry sweetness. Blue City Diesel is the result of crossbreeding NYC Diesel, an uplifting sativa, with Blueberry. Similarly, Blueberry Northern Lights is the result of crossing Blueberry, a well-known indica strain, and Northern Lights, a sedating indica.

Although the roots of Blueberry OG are less known, it can be said with certainty the combined attributes and characteristics of these strains is genuinely appealing.

Markle Sparkle Terpene Breakdown 

Markle Sparkle has not yet been released to the public, helping contribute to the rapidly-evolving media awareness of the strain. When it comes to evaluating a cannabis strain, the smell is most common criteria one could judge. The aromas derived from cannabis flower, such as Markle Sparkle, are the result of terpenes.

Terpenes affect scent, flavor, and the physical effects a product can produce.

Based on lineage, as well as conversations with Dooley, Markle Sparkle is bursting with the following terpenes:

  • beta-Caryophyllene is found commonly in black peppercorn, hops, rosemary, and basil. Beta-Caryophyllene offers a peppery, spicy, floral scent.
  • Humulene is found commonly in hops, pepper, sage, and fir trees. Humulene offers floral, sweet, bitter, and earthy notes.
  • Myrcene is found commonly in bay leaves, mangoes, hops, and thyme. It offers a sweet, yet musky, herbal aroma.

Where You Can Get Markle Sparkle 

To get your hands on this new, exclusive strain from the Royally Grown brand, stop by the High Times Cannabis CupSonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, Calif. on June 2-3. Dooley, in an interview, claimed “unlimited amounts” will be available.