These are the Best Rolling Papers You’ll Find Anywhere

best rolling papers for joints

Summertime is the season for rolling joints. It’s important, always, to have the best rolling papers on deck. It’s not easy deciding what rolling papers to get, but once people find the papers they like, they tend to stick with them. However, if there ever comes a time when your papers are gone, and the gas station doesn’t carry your brand of choice, try out one of these top 5 rolling papers.

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Best Rolling Papers

Raw Natural Rolling Papers

Raw Natural Rolling Papers is by far the most popular paper on the market. It will be tough for any other brand to obtain a following of such loyal consumers, and there is a reason for it. Raw Natural Rolling Papers are one of the cleanest joint papers on the market. Each paper comes from a vegan blend of natural fibers. Their smooth smoking papers are thin and practically see-through. From pre-rolled cones to king size papers, Raw Natural Rolling Papers has an option for every type of smoker.

Randy’s Rolling Papers

Randy’s rolling papers have been around for a little while now, and they are still the go-to paper for many cannabis consumers. The company’s most famous rolling paper, which is a classic for many stoners, are called Randy’s Classic Wired Papers. Anyone who hates holding the roach toward the end now has the option to hold onto a wire. These wired papers come in multiple sizes, and Randy’s even offers a hemp-based paper to tailor to all consumers.

Elements Rolling Papers

Elements Rolling Papers are the closest rolling paper to Raw Natural in both taste and quality of smoke. They are easily one of the best and have a loyal following. What makes Elements unique is that they make their papers from rice and sugar. There is practically no ash left over from smoking an Element. Elements have a plethora of size options to suit every preference.

Pouch Papers

If you're a consumer who is on the go and needs fast-moving rolling papers, Pouch Papers is the best rolling paper for you. Every Pack of Pouch Papers are hand-crafted and specially made to make for a smooth rolling process. Their papers have an actual pouch to hold the weed in place without spilling it all over. Pouch Papers are great if you are in a bind or have troubles rolling other papers. They are the best rolling papers for smoking on the move, which makes them perfect for the summer.

OCB Rolling Papers

OCB is an excellent rolling paper and is ideal for smokers who still enjoy a paper that is easier to roll. Their line of Premium Ultra-thin Rolling Papers is made from natural flax plant fibers and provide consumers with a smooth smoke all the way through. All of their papers are vegetarian and GMO-free. Plus, OCB offers a stellar hemp-based paper that is ideal for those consumers looking for a cleaner smoke. They may not have the loyal following like Raw Naturals, but OCB is still has one of the best rolling papers.

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