Roll a Blunt Like a Pro: An 8-step Guide

Beautiful paintings begin with a single stroke, photos are born through a glance, and pottery starts as a pile of mush. Through a little effort, ordinary items turn into unique masterpieces. Blunts transform from a humble pile of papers into a fan-favorite, weed-smoking device.

The blunt, a hybrid of a cigar and joint, is filled with cannabis rather than tobacco. The wrapper, which is often re-purposed and deconstructed, is made from processed tobacco leaves. This mixes two different highs.

Like any work of art, rolling a blunt has a series of steps that, when combined, create something beautiful.

How to Roll a Blunt

Step 1: Gather your materials

The supplies on the blunt ingredient list are fairly straightforward and can be found in any cannabis aficionado's collection. Start by gathering the following materials:

Materials to roll a blunt

Optional supplies include a small knife and tray, which make for a quick and easy rolling process. Novice rollers should grab a few backup cigars for extra practice.

Step 2: Grind the weed

Cannabis should be loose before being wrapped in the secure blunt blanket. This can be accomplished by one of two methods. The first (and likely preferred) is to use a grinder: It's quick, easy, and helps to sustain an even burn. The second approach is to forgo technology and use your hands; this is a classic move and has a reputation for helping the blunt take longer to burn. For the best results, break the marijuana down into "shake" — a fluffy texture rather than a dust or powder.

Step 3: Get the wrap ready

Prep your canvas accordingly. If time is of the essence, buy empty tobacco wraps ahead of time — they're ready to go with no preparation. Otherwise, the cigar or cigarillo has to be emptied and the wrap re-purposed.

You want to split the cigar down the middle, also known as the vein. An important note, the cigar is easier to work with when slightly moist. Take a small knife down the length of cigar, from butt (where your mouth goes) to tip (where the blunt burns).

An alternative to cutting is using fingers to apply pressure to the cigar until the wrapper cracks, though this may lead to mishaps and holes in the paper.

Once the cigar has a straight seam down the middle, empty its tobacco contents by pushing through the wrap with your thumb. This should be done gingerly to avoid tearing.

Step 4: Wet the wrap

Bonus tip: While not 100 percent necessary, adding extra moisture to the wrapper will make your life easier. Apply a small amount of saliva or water to the blunt wrap to help shape, mold, and repair any small tears that came from removing the tobacco.

Step 5: Load the blunt

You have the shell of the blunt, now it's time to fill it with the goods. Load the tobacco wrapping with the ground-up marijuana. Start in the center of the wrapper with the bulk of the weed and gradually add less to the sides — this method, used by seasoned cannabis connoisseurs, evens out the distribution during the rolling process.

One to two grams of cannabis should be enough to fill a cigarillo for a quality high. However, the art of blunt rolling comes down to a trained eye — stuff it full, as thick as the smoker desires. Larger blunts tend to be more structurally sound, whereas skinnier rolls can easily fall apart.

Woman holds a blunt

Step 6: Roll it up

The main goal is to roll the cannabis between your fingers, which evenly distributes the weed. This is where dryer wrappers can easily crack. There are two ways to properly roll the blunt after packing and shaping:

Method one: Fold the shorter end of the wrapper under the cannabis, then use your thumbs to roll back and forth. Simultaneously, use your index fingers to press down onto the blunt. The product is a pressurized roll. Watch the ends carefully to make sure that they don't seal during the rolling process.

Method two: Roll from butt to tip, starting by tucking the bottom flap of the wrapper under the top flap. Do this over and over from one end to the other, repeatedly.

Once the wrap is tucked under itself, use saliva or water to wet the inside of the open edge. Smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. A quick pass over the blunt also evens out the weed inside. Roll the rest of the wrap over the moistened edge, closing up the blunt for good.

Step 7: Bake it

You're almost there! The penultimate step is arguably the best: It's time to bake your blunt. Hold a lighter a few inches away (you want the heat, not the flame, to touch the blunt) to seal everything together. Run the heat over the length of the canna-cigar under the seam, and around the blunt as a whole.

a blunt burns

Step 8: Puff, Puff, Enjoy

Light up the tip, inhale, and enjoy. Treat yourself with this work of art that you cultivated from start to finish. Whip out your smoke tricks or enjoy an artist's burn — slow, thoughtful, and introspective. Either way, enjoy the fruits of your labor and remember to include Leafbuyer next time you roll a blunt.