The Best Raw Rolling Machines

There are many methods of smoking marijuana, but only one unites smokers from all walks of life. The joint, otherwise known as a doobie, has been the most popular way to smoke cannabis for years. To some smokers rolling your own joints is the best way to ensure an even burn. While this is the most popular method of smoking cannabis, not everybody has the ability to roll their own joints.

Raw Authentic has recognized the difficulty of rolling a joint and created a few rolling machines for their consumers. The Raw Rollers and the Raw Automatic Rolling Box, are some of the best rolling machines on the market.

The Most Unique Rolling Machines

Raw Authentic, known for their organic hemp rolling papers, take pride in providing their customers with the top smoking experience. By putting this same vision into their rolling machines, they have made the joint available to all smokers. Unlike most rollers on the market, Raw made the decision to create their rollers from hemp plastic. The idea for hemp plastic came to Raw in the 1990’s from a factory in Germany. The Raw Rollers were some of the first products made out hemp plastic.

raw rolling machineNot only is the Raw Roller made out of one of the rarest plastics, but they are manufactured on the island of Kudus in Indonesia. Kudus Island is known for being the first to invent the clove cigarette. The island’s large cigarette factories are known for employing thousands of locals to hand roll their cigarettes. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that a factory on Kudus began to produce rolling machines. This factory happens to be the oldest existing manufacturer of rolling machines. Raw has partnered with this manufacturer to produce the most sustainable, efficient, and unique rollers on the market.

Types of Raw Rolling Machines

Raw Rollers:

Raw rollers are one of the most popular rolling machines on the market. With their hemp plastic design and double thick vinyl, this roller is built to last. This roller comes in all different sizes: 70MM, 79MM, 110MM, and even Supernatural. While most of these rollers are specially designed to roll Raw Papers, they do provide plenty of options for all types and sizes of papers. They even offer 2-way rollers in all sizes. A 2-way roller has a button on the side that allows the consumer to switch the size of paper that can be used, providing the consumer with the ultimate variety of rolling options.

Raw Roll Box:

raw roller boxThe Raw Roll Box is an extremely quick and easy way to roll a joint. This rolling machine allows the consumer to roll multiple joints in a very short amount of time. It not only rolls quickly, but it is one of the most consistent rolling machines on the market. The roll box comes in three sizes: 70MM, 79MM, and 110MM giving the consumer a wide range of rolling options. The slick black finish and smooth red vinyl give this rolling box a fresh and unique look. These features make this automatic roller a hot item for those Raw enthusiasts out there.

Rolling machines are a great tool for cannabis smokers to take advantage of. This product is made for those who are either too lazy to learn or just don’t have the ability to roll a joint. Raw Authentic has gone above and beyond to provide the consumer with the best rolling machines available, which means there is no excuse not to roll a joint now!

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