Top Marijuana Strains for your California Summer

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Summer is finally here, and there is nothing like the California sunshine to put you in the right mood. Like any good cannabis enthusiast, your mind might begin to wander and contemplate the best strains of marijuana that would be the perfect addition to those relaxing days by the pool, at the beach, or just spending time with close friends.

Like you, I am confident that I could benefit greatly from the level of repose provided by the various breeds of cannabis offered in the Golden State.

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Top Strains for Summer in California


blueberryEssentially an indica based strain, Blueberry is best known for its long lasting effect and free flowing mindset while engaging in a broad spectrum of outdoor activities.

Bubblegum Kush

This strain is one of urban legend and folklore. Developed in the mid-west, and an upcoming favorite in the Netherlands, Bubblegum Kush reportedly was created by a team of geneticists. It has a dank smell and a wet, sticky feel. It produces a high yielding mind effect is a past winner of the Cannabis Cup. Perfect for the active outdoorsman.

New York City Sour Diesel

nycsourdieselThis strain is the perfect strain for hitting the streets for an active night on the town. It is a cross between the Afghan Indica and the New York Diesel. It is definitely designed to be enjoyed during outdoor activities. Produces an excellent high. Beware this strain is not good for just sitting around.

MK Ultra

This strain is one of the more popular strains in the marketplace. It is a derivative of the secret government (G-13) and OG Kush. There is a high concentration of THC, and it will indeed produce the desired mind effect needed to either kick back or engage in a variety of activities.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush

Some say this strain is an acquired taste. It comes with a perfect sense of well-being and high energy levels that are ideal for a good workout at the gym. If you need to forget about the little issues of your day, this is the strain for you.


This strain is adored by many in the medical marijuana community. Largely a sativa strain, it packs quite a punch and might leave you limp and without lots of motivation. Trainwreck is perfect for when you are not in an active mood.

Tahoe OG

tahoeogThis strain is perfect for those that suffer from insomnia. It might reduce your desire to get outside or leave the house. It is known as one of the strongest strains in the market and has a very fresh, earthy, piney scent.


This strain has a very powerful indica flavor. It produces an exhilarating mind effect while soothing to the body. Perfect for sitting back and doing absolutely nothing.

Hog’s Breath

This strain has won many Cannabis Cups for the best indica. Its light green colors with orange pistil tips are legendary. It is a cross breed between Hindu and Afghan Kush and perfect for an active day on the town.


A descendant of the Blueberry gene, this strain boasts a unique flavor and produces an exhilarating mindset. It is also a descendant of OG Kush which is perfect for times when you need solitude and quiet.

It all depends on your mood, but you can certainly find the strain that best fits how you feel on any given day. You can settle on one as your favorite or feel free to experiment widely over the course of your summer.