The Best Ways to Smoke Weed

Man Smoking Joint in Ohio

Man smoking blunt in houseSo you’re sitting there with some of those “goodie greens” on the table in front of you, but you reach a mental block: how am I going to smoke this good-good? Throughout my life, I’ve seen my good friends roll a fat joint, do knifers, hit the bong, or chew on stems when they ran out. I mean, there are so many ways to smoke, so, to clarify it a bit, I am going to reveal some of the best ways to smoke weed.

Roll Up a Joint

Compared to a somewhat daunting blunt; the joint is a bit less intimidating when you want to smoke weed. It’s easy to roll a joint and Leafbuyer provides the correct way to roll a joint. What’s nice is that you can transport a few of them at a time in a joint holder/cigarette box. Another thing is it’s more of a discrete way to smoke weed as you can pull it out of your pocket and take a quick puff – most people won’t mind. I’ve truly only come across two or three people in my lifetime that have become angry when a person smokes weed in public. Another thing is it’s an inviting way to smoke pot because it can easily be brought out for a casual conversation or a party.

The marijuana joint is synonymous with a good time in American culture, so go ahead, roll a joint and relax that mind. The thing to note: quality of joint paper matters so make sure to ask the budtenders for a joint that doesn’t fall apart easily. Moreover, a crutch will extend the duration of your smoking experience if it’s included in the joint when rolling it up.

Bong Rips

If you’re into creative and artistic pot smoking, then this is the way to go – or if you like to get Woody Harrelson high. Bongs are the ultimate smoking experience in my opinion as it doesn’t waste weed and ensures a high level of lung consumption. The size of hits one can take with a bong is dependent on the size of the bong itself, so it’s important to take a couple of practice hits by manipulating the carb in a way that makes it a pleasant moment. Taking too much in can cause a serious coughing fit which can break capillaries and make one a bit “too high.” So, make sure to not buy the largest bong on the shelf if you’re a novice smoker.

One truly fun aspect of bong smoking is buying the bong itself. There are thousands of different designs that fit individual personalities and preferences. Another thing is to clean the bong water out pretty often to maintain good quality. Use purified water.


Items you need are a stove and two butter knives. No, the butter knives will not be used in any violent assaults. Anyway, this might be one of the weirdest ways to smoke weed, but it’s surely effective. Heat the stove top coil and place the two knives on the coil to heat the tips. When the tips are red, place a bowls worth of marijuana on one of the tips, quickly press the tips of the knives together, and inhale the smoke. Inhaling the smoke is easier if you cut a plastic bottle in half so the smoke can be corralled. Doing so gives you more control as the top of the bottle can be plugged when you’re done. This was another person can partake in the festivities.

The Thing to note: make sure to turn the stove off, so you don’t burn down Grandma’s Retirement Center.

Smoke a Pipe/Bowl

genius pipe smoking leafbuyerIt’s not that much different from what Sherlock Holmes did, except, if he were to smoke weed he probably would have left for the West-Indies to join a Rasta cult. If my memory serves me right, this was the most common way that I have seen people smoke pot. For avid pipe smokers, it wasn’t only about smoking – it was about showing off a glass blown pipe with an eye-popping artistic element. Whether it was a pipe with Cheech and Chong on it, or a little “thug life” slogan, having friends admired the pipe was part of the game.

The proverbial phrase “smoking a bowl” stemmed from pipe use, and let me tell you, it’s a great way to get a fast high. Make sure to break up the the flower so it doesn’t clog the pipe and leave an excessive amount of residue. Bowls last longer than a joint but it’s important to regulate using the carbonator, so you don’t burn your throat. Cleaning the pipe after you smoke weed involves knocking the ash out of the bowl and using a skinny object, such as a paper clip, to clean out the interior.

Roll A Blunt

The rappers will approve of this one as it’s a pimp way to smoke. Prep is a little more tedious as you need to grind up a bit more pot to put in a cigar wrap. It’s also going to be mixed with tobacco so make sure that others know this and are comfortable with it as tobacco is far worse for the lungs. To begin, split the cigarillo in half so you can remove the bulk of the tobacco. Once rolled up, don’t overburn the tip and sides because it will change the taste. Remember, blunt wraps are a great alternative to tobacco based cigars, and there are various amazing flavors.


A bubbler is essentially a pipe with a water bong extension. It’s small enough to be transported, but I don’t recommend putting it in your coat pocket. It’s quite a cool device because it’s easy to maintain and it provides a soothing hit that won’t burn as much when compared to a pipe. Again, make sure to use filtered water and to replace the water frequently, and to maintain the pipe which was mentioned earlier in this piece.

Bubblers tend to have unusual shapes in regards to the pipe itself – it can be curved and windy. Apparently, this style is used to maximize a hit by creating an efficient vacuum for the smoke to travel through. Some bubblers even have double chambers which make hits even smoother. So, if you’re a bit of novice in the marijuana smoking game, the bubbler will likely give you the easiest transition. The impact on the lungs is minimal, and the way it protects the taste of pot is certainly appealing.


In the end, it’s really about testing the various ways to see what is the best way to smoke weed. I am not here to tell you how to smoke weed, but rather, to help our followers find the best fit. It’s better to go into the pot shop with a little knowledge than none at all so you can discuss with the budtenders what the best options are. Another way to gauge your level is to test different devices with friends before going out and making an extravagant purchase – isn’t that how most of us found out back in the day anyway?


Article By: Jason Newell