How to Choose the Best Marijuana Vaporizer

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Marijuana Vaporizer
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Marijuana vaporizer technology, praised for being more discreet and less harmful, has been growing in popularity as more consumers shy away from traditional smoking.

When combined with the momentum behind marijuana concentrates (aka dabbing) in North American states and cities where the plant is legalized, it would seem vaporization has met a consumer demand at a time when technology is learning as fast as we are, if not faster. The result: a flood of innovative marijuana vaporizer products seeking to deliver an unrivaled flavor experience, customizable in every way but the core design.

While the recreational marijuana industry continues to gain traction across the US, marijuana vaporizers are likely to ride sidecar as the industry scales. While edibles and cannabis oils can be made without having to smoke or vaporize anything, inhalation remains the trusted method of cannabis use among many users.

The Benefits of Vaporization

Today, there is research suggesting marijuana smokers, on average, suffer no statistically noticeable differences in respiratory function, even following twenty (20) years of smoking one joint per day. Yet, the urgency to buy a marijuana vaporizer grows stronger each time a new piece of research comes out suggesting vaporizers are less harmful than smoking.

The terpenes, or the chemical compounds giving marijuana its smell, have lower boiling points than the cannabinoids (such as THC or CBD). Marijuana vaporizers these days can easily monitor temperature, giving you the ability to receive more of the active compounds such as terpenes within the plant or concentrate because you are not burning – aka carbonizing – the product at extremely high temperatures.

The flavors of the terpenes, burned off or vaporized at lower temperatures than the cannabinoids, are mostly destroyed when you smoke. Depending on the type you are searching for, marijuana vaporizers often allow you control over the temperature, regulating it to your preference for an unrivaled flavor and potency delivered your way. Before you go out looking for a marijuana vaporizer, there are four (4) choices you will have to make.

Desktop Or In Your Pocket?

Desktop vaporizers, such as the Volcano, are known for their excellent temperature controls, producing superior flavors, and an incredibly easy to use, clean, and controlled method. The downside: their bulk.

As the category would suggest, desktop marijuana vaporizers are a larger apparatus, requiring more space and carrying more weight. While this may be perfect for a medical marijuana consumer with low mobility or the casual at-home toker, the on-the-go cannabis user may find this inconvenient.

Portable and pen-sized marijuana vaporizers exist now in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some use fresh marijuana flower; some use concentrates, some use both.

Typically, desktop vaporizers can hold more product, creating longer-lasting sessions perfect for medicating or sharing with friends. Portable and pen vaporizers are often limited by a smaller battery or chamber, meaning more charges and more refills.

What we recommend:

Portable – Cloud Pen 3.0

cloudpen logo vapeA slim, sleek design meets ultimate functionality. Perfect for the on-the-go toker who like function as much as discretion and design. Available in twelve colors.

Desktop – Easy Vape Digital

An easy to use desktop marijuana vaporizer built sturdy; the Easy Vape Digital includes a digital temperature control interface making it easy to customize your experience.

Concentrates? Flower? Or Both?

Choosing a marijuana vaporizer right for you requires you to be mindful of your own marijuana consumption. Are you focused more on fresh flower? If you operate a home grow, for instance, a vaporizer suited for flower may work in your favor. As concentrates become a preferred method of consumption for many, marijuana vaporizers set up as concentrate-only are becoming more and more popular.

Part convenience, part discretion, the growing interest in concentrated marijuana oils, waxes, and other resinous textures likely stems from their ability to deliver more potency in fewer hits, with less of the marijuana musk hovering around while flavor hits a home run.

If you use fresh flower in equal to concentrates, maybe a vaporizer that does both is best suited to your needs. If you prefer edibles and only use marijuana via inhalation with friends, a concentrate pen will ensure each puff is worth it. Only you can make that choice.

What we recommend:

Concentrate-only – KandyPens Galaxy

This marijuana vaporizer is made perfect for wax or shatter. Available in eight customizable colors, the Galaxy pen will expand your concentrate relationship while reflecting your personality.

Dry-herb – G-Pen Elite

The G-Pen Elite is the remarkable accumulation of vaporization technology capable of expressing every flavor and effect of your fresh cannabis so well that you will think you are eating candy. That’s right – euphoric sweetness dialed in by full flavor. What else could you want?

Convection or Conduction?

Vaporization can occur in two different ways. Conduction is the process of vaporizing a substance by putting it in direct contact with a heat source whereas convection is the process of passing thermal energy through the substance.

Think about an electric stovetop. You put a drop of water on the coil, and it vaporizes – this is conduction. Alternatively, imagine putting a cup of water in a pot and placing it on the coil, thereby heating the water by passing thermal energy through the pot, up and through the water – this is convection.

As conduction requires the substance to be put in direct contact with the heated element, it is often seen as inferior to convection because it is more likely to burn or combust.

What we recommend:

Convection – Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer

An app connects your smartphone to this wondrous marijuana vaporizer. With a larger-than-average chamber, you can hold more of your favorite herb or liquid concentrate, meaning fewer refills. The portable design makes it easy to use on the go or while relaxing at home.

Control over the temperature?

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As research into the individual effects of terpenes and cannabinoids continues to progress, control over the temperature is evolving its own consumers into connoisseurs who know exactly what temperature provides the best flavor and effect for them.

The best cannabis high can now be tweaked and tuned by more than manipulating strain genetics or by treating the plants well during the growing cycle. Temperature control is the key to unlocking the full potential of various plant compounds found naturally in marijuana.

Some marijuana vaporizers have a digital temperature readout, allowing you to easily read and control the temperature with the few clicks of a button. While some come with preset temperature settings which can be easily toggled based on your preference, others can be controlled via a smartphone app or a rotating dial.

What we recommend:

Temp Control – Airvape XS

The Airvape XS is a dry-herb vaporizer with a clear digital temperature and battery display, allowing you to control TO THE DEGREE the temperature you vaporize your marijuana at. By intuitive design and innovative technology (it emits a vibration when your ideal temperature is reached), you can calculate your high like never before. – The Online Head Shop for a Modern Consumer is an online headshop delivering to all US states (21 and up, signature required at delivery), as well as Canada, Australia, and twelve other countries on three continents. Not only are they one of the best online retailers for the modern cannabis consumer, but they also work with only the best to bring you high-quality products at the best price possible. You can find the basics, such as a traditional pipe or bong, as well as a variety of marijuana vaporizers, dab rigs, and other consumption accessories.

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