What to Do If You Eat Too Many Edibles

woman eating too many weed brownie edibles

Edibles can be tricky.

Let’s face it: When it comes to baked goods, sometimes we get careless. We can eat too much, ignore labels, and indulge in treats based on looks alone. When cannabis gets added to the situation, matters are only made worse.

When it comes to consuming edibles, it’s best to exercise caution. Someone looking to get high needs to consider several factors, including branding, potency, and amounts. You have to think about where an edible comes from. You need to find the right dose when eating edibles. You must follow the tried and true advice of “Go low, go slow.” These are hard things to do, though, especially when you’re hungry. Especially, when there are brownies involved.

But, alas. No one is perfect. Sometimes that imperfection meets up with marijuana-infused goodies, and the outcome is never good. It happens to the best of us, experienced users and novices alike. So you might find yourself wondering: What do I do if I take too many edibles?

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What to Expect If You Eat Too Many Edibles

If you’ve eaten too many edibles, it’s likely that you will experience a non-lethal overdose. In other words, you’ve simply had too much; the amount of marijuana you’ve consumed is more than your body can handle. A cannabis overdose is unlike any other. Fortunately, unlike most recreational substances, including alcohol, it doesn’t result in death. There will, however, be plenty of discomforts.

Most likely, the effects of having too much of an edible are getting really high, really fast. And usually, you just have to ride it out while the high takes its course. Depending on how much THC you’ve ingested, this mega-high can last anywhere between 6 and 12 hours.

In that time, there are several unfortunate things that can happen. For example, an overdose can lead to paranoia, cold sweats, low blood sugar, panic, paleness, dizziness, vomiting, and sudden drowsiness. Users can also pass out. Each of these symptoms is unpleasant but not fatal, which is a perk in an otherwise fruitless situation.

Stay Calm

The fact of the matter is that THC is psychoactive. So you might be convinced that this extreme high will lead to your demise. But it won’t. You’ll be fine. You are not dying. Begin the healing process by breathing. Deep breaths, in and out. You won’t regret this, in contrast to how you feel about finishing off the entire cookie.

You will make it through, even if it’s hard to believe it.

And even though you can make it through these troubling effects on your own, do not let this stop you from contacting a medical professional if you truly believe you are in need of emergency care. Just know that there probably isn’t a lot that they can do to help, besides offer the advice to wait it out.

Reach for Sweets

Marijuana Brownie Edible
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Most of the negative symptoms of eating too many edibles come from a singular issue: low blood sugar. To curb this dramatic drop, indulge in some extra sweetness. Go ahead and reach for non-cannabis-infused sweets. Adding more sugar to your body is the best and easiest way to counteract the effects of getting too high too quickly.

When in doubt, reach for juice, sugary cakes, candies, or anything full of glucose. While this won’t automatically make the high disappear, it will help quicken the process.

Get Some Pepper

A surprising ingredient used to combat paranoia and anxiety is black pepper. Chewing on a few peppercorns can provide almost instant relief to anyone struggling to calm down. Get to the kitchen for some fast-acting calm.

Fill Up

Another helpful tip is to have a full stomach. Having plenty of food (and liquids) in your stomach can slow down the rate at which THC is absorbed into your system. As the THC slows down, the unfortunate symptoms of eating too many edibles can subside faster. Foods with high fat and fiber content are helpful for slowing down the process. Fats trap THC, while fiber can slow digestion. Eat food, drink water. Repeat.

Phone a Friend

Being alone might make matters worse. If possible, reach for a phone and dial a close friend. Having company can make the wait go by faster; at the very least, they can help make the passing time a little more pleasant.

Prepare for the After

Everything will return to normal. After the extreme high, however, most users experience something similar to a marijuana hangover. Just like the morning after boozy escapades, eating too many edibles can lead to fatigue, lasting anxiety, sluggishness, and sometimes a feeling like the high is still there. Just like the good old “I think I might still be a little drunk,” a little residual high might be in the cards the next day.

These effects are not nearly as brutal as the overdosed high, but they can last up to a few days.

Rest Up

Finally, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get some rest. Find a calm and soothing environment where you can sleep. Start with full, deep breaths, and drift off if you can. By essentially turning your mind off for a while, you’re stopping the worst psychoactive effects of the high. Similar to when you’re sick, catching a few extra z’s can ensure a smooth recovery.

It’s never fun to eat too many edibles, so ensure your safety for next time. Go slow and start low, and use caution. But if you find yourself in this extreme oops-I’m-way-too-high situation, remember: you’ll survive.