The Three Most THC-Heavy Weed Strains Available

By now, we all know by now weed is much stronger than it was in the 1970s – a time when peak THC content was commonly less than 5% per gram (50mg/g). These days, plant trimmings have higher cannabinoid concentrations than herb smoked back then and growers have yet to reach a point where the plant can no longer sustain THC production. Such weed strains are considered THC-heavy.

As a result, not only are the weed strains out there today much stronger, testing as high as 34% THC per gram (340mg/g), each year more and more growers push the boundary of what a strain can handle.

Though recreational and medical marijuana markets operate under different laws where marijuana has been legalized, many of the strongest weed strains have been cultivated for both types of consumer. And this trend will likely continue as more states – especially those with a medical marijuana program already running (infrastructure) – review the prohibition of marijuana in their home state.

Among those lucky enough to live where marijuana has been legalized, finding the most THC-heavy weed strains can be a challenge. For one, many dispensaries carry similar offerings grown using similar genetics, but more simply: THC concentration is not the only positive offered in the cannabis plant. A series of terpenes and other cannabinoids infuse the smoke, adjusting the high, the taste, and the aroma of the plant – adding to the experience beyond the call of THC alone.

Luckily, however, many of the most flavorful terpenes and trichrome-dense buds have been able to ride shotgun alongside some of these incredibly potent strains, bringing THC, taste, aroma, and effect into some form of excellent synergy.

Three Most THC-Heavy Weed Strains

Gorilla Glue #4

thc-heavy weed strainsGorilla Glue #4, when grown under proper conditions, can yield THC levels between 25%-28%. A focused high, not couch-locked or overly euphoric, Gorilla Glue #4 is one of those weed strains easing you into your next activity. Relaxation prevails while productivity happens, positioning Gorilla Glue #4 as a perfect strain to socialize, get work done, or play around outdoors. 

White Fire OG

Also known as Wifi OG, this weed strain boasts THC levels between 22%-30% within its bountiful nugs. Covered with trichomes and orange hairs, White Fire OG is a sativa-hybrid with an upbeat, stimulating high producing a peppery pine and earthy citrus scent.

For recreational customers looking for the most THC-heavy weed strains, the uplifting high and cerebral clarity which comes with it create the perfect situation to go on a hike, watch TV, or socialize.

Bruce Banner

A cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, Bruce Banner (as the name suggests) is the vehicle through which the real green titan exists. Testing anywhere between 24%-31% THC, this Hulk-like green is among the best weed strains out there, period.

A bright, energizing, and creative high spanning the first hour or so and mellowing into a relaxing, yet still strong body high.

As recreational marijuana pushes into more and more states, inevitably more weed strains – potentially with higher potencies – will emerge. Keep up to date on your favorites with