What is a Percolator Bong? The Science Explained

percolator bong with marijuana buds

The bong is one of the most well-known methods of smoking cannabis. From the old-school soft glass bongs to brand-new percolator bongs, they have come a long way over the years.  When percolator bongs first began to take off, consumers didn’t fully understand its purpose, besides the fact that it looked cool! What many people do not realize is that a percolator bong is the best, and it’s not only about looking cool (although it does). Here’s why consumers should be puffing out of a percolator bong over anything else!

What Is a Percolator Bong?

Just about every bong on the market, besides most straight-tube pipes and beaker style bongs, is considered a percolator bong. The basic definition of a percolator bong is any water pipe that forces the cannabis smoke to filter through the water. Percolators provide that classic bubbling sound consumers adore. Percolators come in all different shapes and sizes. Some disperse the smoke more than others and are extremely complicated to make. Other percolators are simple, and only filter the smoke through one or two slits. Every style of percolator is unique to itself and provides a different hit.

Types of Percolator Bongs:

Downstem Percolator:

A downstem percolator is one of the more basic styles. While it works in the same way as any other percolator, it is a simple design. A downstem percolator looks like a large tube sticking out of the pipe with the end under the water. This design allows for the air flow to force the smoke through the tube and into the water, in turn, filtering the smoke. Downstems tend to have 1-3 slits or holes to disperse the smoke. This percolator bong is the easiest style to clean and widely popular among consumers.

Honeycomb Percolator:

Any bong with a disc with a ton of holes placed into the neck of the pipe is called a honeycomb percolator bong. It is one of the more popular styles due to its look and smooth drag. Honeycomb percolators vary in size and often differ in the number of air-flow holes. This percolator does not cause much resistance and does an excellent job of filtering the smoke. Honeycombs are not too difficult to clean but do tend to get clogged from time to time.

Matrix Percolator:

A matrix percolator is famous among consumers for its sleek look. It’s not the most effective style, but it still does the trick. A matrix percolator is similar to a shower head in the sense that the air filters in the same way. Even though the matrix has more rows of holes, it still only filters the smoke through the top row. The rest of the slits are more for looks than anything, and they make it tough to reach dirty areas. Either way, it gets the job done!

Pros of a Percolator Bong

Even though there are quite a few different styles of percolators, they all serve the same purpose. Some just tend to do it better than others. Overall, a percolator bong is meant to filter the smoke and remove contaminants, in turn, causing a smoother hit. Percolator bongs make for a more enjoyable smoke session with a lot less coughing.

Benefits of a percolator bong:

  • Filtration – The primary advantage of a percolator is to disperse the smoke over a wider surface area of bubbles. This process is using the water to remove any large contaminants from the smoke. It does not remove all of the contaminants, but it certainly makes for a smoother hit. Dry pipes have no filtration and tend to be a bit harsher.
  • Heat Exchange/Cooling – Enhancing the consumer experience is what percolator bongs are meant to do. The primary goal is to create an enjoyable smoke that does not hurt consumers’ throats. Another benefit of a percolator bong is its ability to cool the smoke down before it reaches the lungs. As the smoke drags through the water, the natural heat transfers from the smoke. This process keeps the hit from being harsh on the throat and causing more coughing.
  • Soothing Vaporization – Many consumers agree that a percolator bong has an all-around less harsh hit than any other pipe. While the above factors play a prominent role, the vaporization of the heated water creates a soothing vapor ideal for preventing dry throat. The soothing condensation plays a significant role in the enjoyment of every bong rip.

Again, the percolator bong is the best water pipe for enhanced smoke sessions. On top of all the pros listed above, many consumers say percolator bongs provide a better taste. Some say that smoking flower out of a bong is the best way to experience the plant’s natural terpenes. That said, it makes sense that a percolator bong would offer a more distinct taste. Cleansing the smoke of any unwanted contaminants means the hit is cleaner, which allows for the terpenes to stick out more.

Typically, consumers know best, and they have been digging percolator bongs for quite some time now. A percolator bong will never disappoint!

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