12 Uplifting Activities To Do While High (Without Leaving The House!)

high activities at home

Whether you're a recreational cannabis user or a medical marijuana patient, getting high can be a wonderful form of self-care. Smoking weed is a great way to de-stress, look at a problem in your life with a different perspective, or add a creative lens to life’s tasks that are normally considered mundane. However, smoking weed can also sometimes land you stuck on the couch watching TV or just playing videogames for hours at a time. The next time you're high at home, try out one of these 12 activities to do while high — and see what the results are!

Table of Contents

1. Yoga & Breath Work

yoga at home

One awesome thing that many users report loving about marijuana is the substance bringing them very in tune with their bodies, breath, and heartbeat. This grounding sensation can make yoga and breath work excellent activities to do while high. In fact, some ancient Vedic texts from 2,000 – 1,400 BCE contain stories about yogis using hashish for medical and spiritual benefits.

If you've ever thought about using marijuana for stress, cannabis yoga can be a wonderful place to start. There are tons of free instructional yoga videos online all over YouTube, or several affordable website subscriptions as well, such as Gaiam. If you are looking to zen out and keep it low key, try something like Hatha yoga or Yin yoga. Or maybe give Vinyasa yoga a try if you're in the mood to get nice and sweaty. If you are a little too stoned to focus on a video, you can always Google yoga sequences or look them up on Pinterest and do them in your own time. This is a great way to go if you already have some familiarity with yoga.

Whatever route you choose, try following up your yoga session with breath work. Breath work exercises can reduce some of the negative effects of cannabis that can occur every once in a while like rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, and anxiety.

2. Journaling

If you’re into self-improvement, journaling can be one of the best activities to do while high. Smoking pot is known to have the ability to enhance your creative outlook on life — and yourself. Try writing down a stream-of-consciousness in your journal and revisit it when you are not high anymore. It could be interesting to see what thoughts you are having, and it might awaken some new insights about yourself. Journaling is also a great way to build resilience, so once you are stoned, consider writing down some things that have been bothering you and work through the solutions with just the good old-fashioned pen and paper.

If you want something a little more on the creative side, look into bullet journaling. Some people use bullet journals to nerd out on what strain they are smoking, what its effects were, and how often they use it. This can help you track your preferred products over time and narrow down what the effects of each strain are for you.

3. Dance Party

If you want a serious antidote to couch-lock next time you're high at home, try cranking some epic dance music, turning out the lights, and hitting the dance floor (a.k.a. that little space between the TV and couch). If you have friends over, you can take turns trying to recreate dance moves from the 80s, 90s, or whatever you're feeling. Or, if you're alone, there's no shame in a dance party for one! Dancing is a great way to move energy, get in a more positive mental space, and burn some calories. For many people, getting stoned is one of the only ways they can let go of self-conscious thoughts while dancing. Plus, thirty minutes of dancing burns between 200 and 400 calories, so you can munch away guilt-free post dance extravaganza!

If you are feeling really gutsy, you can take advantage of your little cannabis confidence boost and look up dance tutorials on YouTube. You just might master some new moves to add to your repertoire!

4. Get Artsy or Musical

playing guitar smoking joint

Many people, including several famous artists, enjoy using cannabis as a creativity enhancer and accelerator. In a 2011 interview with 60 Minutes, music mogul Lady Gaga stated that she uses cannabis to help her write music and stimulate the creative process. Writer and actor Seth Rogan told MTV News that he uses cannabis while writing and it helps him enjoy the daily grind of creative work. Many adults that aren’t famous musicians, writers, or painters can get stuck in the daily grind of the cubicle lifestyle, and nothing is more satisfying that letting out your inner artist.

The next time you find yourself high at home with nothing to do, grab some art supplies and let your mind run wild. There are tons of artsy activities you can do while high, including writing poems and stories, drawing, painting, making collages, trying out a DIY project, or even inviting some friends over for a music jam session. You can even grab your iPhone and try taking artsy photos. Cannabis has been shown to help people connect otherwise unrelated concepts, therefore resulting in creative thinking. You never know, you just might stumble across a newfound passion or million-dollar idea!

5. Dabble in Some New-Age Activities

Have you been side-eyeing that weird little metaphysical bookstore in your town? Pretty much every city has one — but New Age ideas and paraphernalia have been growing in popularity quite a bit over the last five years. You can now purchase things like Himalayan salt lamps and tarot cards in stores as mainstream as Target. The next time you get stoned, consider channeling that newfound open-mindedness into a few New Age activities. If you are alone, you might consider meditating with crystals, reading your horoscope, or doing a tarot card reading. If you are in a group, playing with a Ouija board is a lot of fun, as is palm reading and creating vision boards.

If you are enjoying the New Age vibe, you can also listen to radio stories from George Noory on Coast to Coast AM.

6. Workout

Sometimes smoking weed can be a little heady, so in times where all your energy seems to be focused above the shoulders, a great workout can ground you and get your mind out of space. In fact, many professional athletes claim smoking weed or eating edibles helps increase their performance in a myriad of ways. If you ever get bored while working out, a little bit of THC can do wonders!

Just keep in mind if you are prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, or any other medical condition that affects your workouts, you might want to ask a doctor whether it is okay for you to combine cannabis and exercise.

7. Cooking

cooking dinner

Can you remember the last time you really took your time and enjoyed the process of cooking a meal? For many people, cooking is just a means to an end — getting a meal on the table. However, the next time you are stoned, try to enjoy the whole experience of cooking. Clean your kitchen, put on an apron, and prepare a special recipe. You might put on some music or a podcast while you cook your meal and take your time smelling and tasting each and every ingredient. Cannabis is an excellent accelerator for mindful eating, which basically just means paying attention to your food as you prepare it. Studies have shown that mindful eating can actually help with food anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and guilt about food. Taking your time with your food can also help you prevent binge eating while stoned. Just remember to turn off the stove when you are finished!

8. Play Board Games, Card Games, or Strategy Games

It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or with a group of friends, playing an old-fashioned game while stoned can be a blast! Playing games is a great way to sink into the feeling of euphoria while high and can stimulate some great laughs along the way. If you are in a group, it can give everyone one common thing to focus on and talk about, which is great for reducing social anxiety. You might try busting out some games from decades past like Candyland, Monopoly, Jenga, or Yahtzee. You might also make things a little more modern and adult-themed by playing Cards Against Humanity. Believe it or not, you can also buy marijuana board games like Lords of Cannabis, THC the Game, Weed-Opoly. If you are by yourself, you can try entertaining your high mind with a strategy game like chess or solitaire.

9. Clean

Cleaning is one of those mundane tasks that is really enhanced by smoking weed. It is not uncommon at all for people to say that being stoned makes cleaning a lot more enjoyable for them — many people even claim that they sometimes cannot stop cleaning while high because it's actually that much fun! Aside from scrubbing dishes or baseboards, you might also give the whole KonMari Method a try and overhaul your entire house for a more minimal vibe. This could mean sorting through unwanted items in your closet or tackling that mound of stacked paper clutter on your desk.

The next time you take a few tokes, make a list of everything in your house you want to clean. You might be surprised how much energy you actually have once you get going! If you know you want to give this a try, stock up on awesome cleaning supplies and rubber gloves beforehand, and purchase a productivity-boosting strain such as Durban Poison. The biggest benefit will come when you are finished and your house is spotless. Having a clean living environment has been scientifically proven to lower stress and foster a positive outlook on life.

10. Play With Your Pets

When was the last time you gave old Fido a little love and attention? When you are stoned, it is a lot easier to let go of daily stress and be in the present moment. Why not spend that time with your dog or cat? After all, pets are known for living life in the present moment! Dog owners might enjoy giving their dog a bath, throwing a ball outside, or some good-old-fashioned hide-and-seek. If you really want to have a good laugh, try seeing how your dog reacts to things like a garden hose spray or a baby pool. Cat owners might enjoy enticing their cats with catnip toys, string, or a paper bag.

Just make sure there is no cannabis your pet can access as marijuana is poisonous to pets.

11. Read a Book (Audiobooks Count!)

Some of the most commonly-reported effects of smoking weed are feeling energetic, uplifted, happy, focused, and creative. Can you think of a better time to try reading a book than while high? If you are like most people, you might read the news sometimes or get updates from social media websites, but that's probably about it. Next time you are stoned, try pulling a great book of your shelf and give a read. Smoking weed has been reported to improve concentration, so you can really buckle down with that novel or nonfiction story and maybe learn a little something interesting to share at your next cocktail party. If you want to keep things light, you can also download a great comedy audiobook and maybe combine this activity with something like cleaning.

12. Listen to a Guided Meditation

meditating while high

If you have ever tried meditating before, you probably know that it is pretty challenging — much more challenging than you would expect. Every aspect of it from clearing your mind to just having to sit still can be a chore — and a very difficult one for many people — but smoking weed just might help you get in the zone. All you have to do is find a comfortable place to chill, put in your headphones, and find a free guided meditation on YouTube or Spotify. The teacher’s instructive and calming words can give your busy mind something to focus on. If you're looking for a euphoric cannabis strain to compliment such a practice, Blue Dream, Laughing Buddha, or Northern Lights are great ones to try.