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Leafbuyer 710 Guide

What our customers are saying about Leafbuyer...


"Leafbuyer has outstanding customer service.  They are incredibly attentive, responsive and accommodating.  I always feel like they have our best interest at heart.  They are great partners and we feel that they bring value to our business.

Shannon Brooks  Director of Marketing LIGHTSHADE




"Our experience working with Leafbuyer has been overwhelmingly positive. The staff are incredibly responsive to all of our questions and concerns. ROI tracking is a breeze thanks to the ability to barcode our online coupons. Leafbuyer's email and social broadcasts increase the value and further expand the reach of our marketing efforts, and the company's willingness to participate in the in-store promotions and come up with creative new marketing tactics are just some of the things that make Leafbuyer an ideal partner."

Matthew Givner   Director of Marketing  LIVWELL




"O.penVAPE's experience with Leafbuyer has reached far beyond our expectations. Not only do they have excellent customer service, they continually go out of there way to ensure that our brand needs are met by promoting us via social media and include us in the events they do all over the city. They respond quickly and are always available when our profile needs updates with new products. Leafbuyer is a fantastic way to get your cannabis company exposure in a rapidly growing market."





"Cannabis directory and coupon websites are a dime a dozen so when I was first approached by Leafbuyer I was fairly skeptical.  That skepticism quickly turned into confidence that I had made the correct decision to use Leafbuyer as one of our primary online marketing tools.  We have undoubtedly seen a increase in new customer traffic directly due to Leafbuyer, as we track referral sources.  Add the increase in sales to their stellar customer service and Leafbuyer definitely has a satisfied customer in The Clinic."

Adam Marcellot   Director of Marketing THE CLINIC




"In the Colorado cannabis industry, there are few companies who are truly client-focused and attentive to the fast-paced environment in which we operate. Leafbuyer stands out as one of those few. As the Retail Manager at Verde Natural, I understand that resources, including time, are very limited. Our team at Verde has to be very calculated and strategic when looking at a new investment or marketing opportunity. Through our partnership with Leafbuyer, we experienced a meteoric ROI, with revenue that is consistently 4 to 6 times greater than our investment and discounts combined. Without hesitation, I would recommend any dispensary or cannabis business to partner with Leafbuyer. You'll see a strong return on your investment and will ultimately bring value to your consumers."

Jimmy Nguyen   Retail Manager VERDE NATURAL




"Our experience with Leafbuyer has been fantastic! Our sales have increased exponentially due to our exposure on their site not to mention they have a top notch account management team!"

Dina Fiftal   Owner BioMeds




What our customers are saying about the Leafbuyer Network...


"Being a part of the Leafbuyer Network has enabled us to promote our deals across a wide variety of websites our customers visit regularly. By expanding our reach across multiple platforms, the Leafbuyer Network makes it easier to show off our deals to new and existing customers wherever they are online."

Matthew Givner   Director of Marketing Livwell




"Leafbuyer has proved to be one of the best marketing tools we have, we can customize it to our operation and get the appropriate feedback on what's working effectively. In addition they are constantly working to expand their reach through strategic alliances with other Cannabis websites which makes for a one stop shop. Great value and great customer service."

Rodney Hurlbut   Owner Sticky Buds




"Thanks to the Leafbuyer Network, we have been able to expand our customer reach and promote our dispensary in north Denver. With the help of Leafbuyer, our customers are able to be kept up to date on all of our daily deals and coupons, and we are able to watch our small business's clientele grow everyday"

Dana Meyer   General Manager The Joint




"Listing my business on was an excellent decision that has continued to provide local exposure and a steady stream of new business. On top of that, joining the Leafbuyer Premium Network was a true game-changer! Through this new partnership, my dispensary's logo and special offers appear on numerous cannabis websites. Ballpark Holistic is flourishing here in downtown Denver, and smart advertising as we've done with Leafbuyer is part of the reason for this success."

Charles Parks   Owner Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

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