Waste Not, Want Not: 4 Things to Do with Trim

pile of marijuana trim

Every part of the marijuana plant has a purpose. From the terpenes found in the trichomes down to the stem the buds grow off, the marijuana plant works like a well-oiled engine.

For thousands of years, the marijuana plant has been used to formulate a multitude of different products. The full cannabis bud is ideal for smoking joints, bongs, and pipes, while the stems and excess shake are great for making cannabis teas and juices.

As the industry continues to grow and develop further products and methods of utilizing the marijuana plant, even the marijuana trim has its purpose in the industry.

What is Marijuana Trim?

man trimming marijuana

For those who are unfamiliar with the marijuana plant; when cannabis is harvested, it must go through a trimming process. When it comes to smaller or at-home grows, the cannabis plants are usually hand-trimmed. Meaning, it is actually trimmed by hand with extreme detail using a little sheer. Most commercial or large grows utilize a machine to trim the buds. Any excess product from these methods, typically leaves and excess shake, are what people consider marijuana trim.

In the past, many growers were tossing out the excess trim instead of utilizing it in ancillary products. Thanks to the growth of the industry and further cannabis research, marijuana trim is now widely used in a multitude of at-home and commercial products.

What to Do with Marijuana Trim

trimming marijuana buds

Marijuana trim is great for a variety of cannabis products. Obviously, any product made from trim is not quite as good as whole plant products, but they get the job done. If you’re a medical marijuana consumer, trim products won’t compare to the potent products you can purchase at your favorite medical marijuana dispensary. Using marijuana trim is a great way to increase the efficiencies of a grow and get the most out of harvest. Instead of wasting the excess weight from trim, consumers can now use trim to produce an array of cannabis-infused products.

Make Cannabis Butter Using Marijuana Trim


The most common, and well-known use for marijuana trim is making cannabis butter. Cannabis butter is also made using full buds, but using trim allows for the quality buds to be appropriately smoked. The process is the same for making cannabis butter with trim, but it may require a bit more weight to get the desired potency. However, make sure to start low and work up to a higher potency.

There are a ton of DIY recipes for cannabis butter available online. It is also a great idea to make cannabis oil with the marijuana trim because it opens the door to even more infused products.

What Can You Make with Cannabis Butter?

Produce Cannabis Concentrates with Marijuana Trim

weed shatter

The second most common option if you’re wondering what to do with marijuana trim is to produce cannabis concentrates. There are a few different concentrates that are made using the trim. The quality of the concentrates will depend on the extraction method used and the overall quality of the marijuana trim. It is not the best option for people wondering what to do with marijuana trim since it takes a lot of trim to get a little bit of cannabis concentrate. Nevertheless, it is still a valid option for anyone with a ridiculous amount of trim.

  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Rosin

Any cannabis concentrate ran with marijuana trim is likely to be made into one of the above forms. Wax and shatter require a solvent-based extraction method, while rosin is a solvent-less press. Both produce quality marijuana concentrates, but rosin is the safest and tastiest concentrate available. Wax and shatter tend to have excess solvents left over in the product and lack in overall flavor. Granted, any trim-ran concentrates are going to lack flavor compared to a nug-run concentrate.

Other Uses for Marijuana Trim

infusing oil with cannabis

As consumers continue to take things into their own hands and produce at-home marijuana products for personal consumption; marijuana trim is becoming ideal for DIY cannabis products. Whether it be one of the above products or something entirely different, the options for what to do with marijuana trim are on the rise.

Marijuana-Infused Teas

weed-infused tea

Marijuana trim is full of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds with the potential of therapeutic benefit. One DIY product that consumers are loving is marijuana-infused teas. Not only is it a soothing drink to begin with, but adding cannabis heightens the experience and effect. It is effortless to make at home with a simple teabag, but there are plenty of DIY recipes online!

Types of Marijuana Tea:

Raw Cannabis Juice

marijuana juice

Another potential use of marijuana trim is to make raw cannabis juice. It is not the most popular use since cannabis juice doesn’t get consumers baked. Cannabis juice is similar to any other green drink on the market, but with cannabis. The marijuana plant is full of nutrients and happens to be a superfood in certain forms. Adding cannabis to a nutritious juice or smoothie merely adds to the effect. Plus, it is an ideal and easy way to use excess marijuana trim that is not at the quality to produce concentrates or butter.

Other Uses:

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