Are Pre-Rolled Joints Worth the Cost?

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Have you ever wished you had a joint, but didn't want to roll one? That whole process of grinding, packing, rolling, and wrapping isn't easy, especially when you're stoned! Pre-rolled joints are the inexpensive, high-quality alternative to rolling all your own joints. No more lugging around that pipe, bong, or bubbler! Now you can leave behind your entire stoner toolkit and get high anywhere with nothing but a pre-rolled joint (and a lighter, of course). They're perfect for testing new strains without having to commit to buying an entire eighth of unknown weed. Even better, pre-rolled joints come in so many varieties that everyone can find one that suits their preferences and price range. So call your local dispensary and ask about pre-rolled joints if you, like most stoners, love smoking joints (but not rolling them).

What are Pre-Rolled Joints?

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Unless you're a master joint roller, chances are high that any pre-rolled joint you buy is better than what you can make at home. The whole appeal of a pre-rolled joint is the convenience and the quality of a professionally-rolled joint! Your typical pre-rolled joint is conical in shape, meaning the tip (where you light up) is wider than the base (where you inhale). Filters are common in pre-rolled joints and are effective for many reasons: they protect your fingers and lips from resin and heat when you smoke and also allow you to get the most of your weed! Having a filter in your joint means you're not throwing away perfectly smokable cannabis just because it happened to be at the end of the joint. Most pre-rolled joints are between two to three inches long though sizes can vary dramatically in either direction. Pre-rolled joints give you all the convenience of smoking a joint without having to do any of the work to roll it. And when in doubt about your pre-rolled joint, just ask your budtender for their advice- after all, it's their job to help you choose your weed!

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Buying Pre-Rolled Joints

pre-rolled and pre-packaged marijuana joint

If you want to buy a pre-rolled joint, you're in luck. Since cannabis legalization is sweeping the globe, finding places to buy pre-rolled joints is pretty easy. Just call up your local dispensary and ask about what they have available and in stock! Most dispensaries, medical or recreational, carry pre-rolled joints. In fact, one of the best ways to judge a dispensary is on their in-house pre-rolled joints. Expect a symmetrical joint with a generous packing of weed and a tight (but not too tight) conical roll as the iconic pre-rolled joint you'll find at most dispensaries. If you're looking for something a little fancier, brand name cannabis businesses have even started producing pre-rolled and pre-packed joints for sale in dispensaries. You can expect a good joint if you're buying it pre-rolled and packaged – and for the price, you definitely should be getting a good joint. So long as you are over the age of 21 and/or have a medical marijuana card, you can enjoy a nice pre-rolled joint. And after smoking it, ponder this stoner thought: Aren't all joints pre-rolled, if you really think about it?

Are Pre-Rolled Joints Worth the Cost?

person lighting up a pre-rolled marijuana joint

Honestly, unless you roll joints all day every day, any pre-rolled joint you buy will be worth the cost. It's rare to buy a pre-rolled joint that doesn't knock your socks off, but it can and (sadly) will still happen on occasion. You're most likely to encounter three kinds of pre-rolled joints: top shelf shake joints (also called TSS), regular pre-rolled joints, and brand name pre-rolled joints. Top shelf shake is the term used for pre-rolled joints made with the shake of their top shelf weed. Shake, for those who don't know, is all those little nugs and sugar leaves at the bottom of your bag of weed after you remove the more desirable, larger nugs. Top shelf shake pre-rolled joints sell at around $7 to $10 depending on where you're buying it. If you buy an in-house pre-rolled joint from a dispensary and they do not specify it as top shelf shake chances are it is made from regular ol' weed. These kinds of joints should sell for about $5 to $7 each. The most expensive form of pre-rolled joints are the brand name kind with a broad price tag from $15 to $50, but keep in mind that these can come in packs, which means your money goes a long way. With the expanding cannabis market, you can probably expect to find $100 joints rolled in gold-leaf and filled with moon rocks soon enough. If you enjoy convenience, good joints, and weed in general, then it’s definitely worth trying pre-rolled joints for yourself. At the very least, you can form your own opinion and decide whether or not pre-rolled joints are worth the cost.

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