What Are Moon Rocks? – Marijuana 101

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Moon rocks, also known as caviar, are a newer and stronger cannabis product in the cannabis industry. The title ‘moon rocks’ has been thrown around the industry for quite a while, but not many people actually know what moon rocks are.

In fact, a lot of consumers think of moon rocks as bubble hash. It is one of the closest products to bubble hash in dispensaries, yet moon rocks are far more potent than most bubble hash. Moon rocks were created due to the high demand for more potent cannabis products.

What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are the combination of three main product types within the cannabis industry:

The process of making moon rocks consists of taking a fresh bud, rolling it in cannabis oil, and then sprinkling kief onto the top. Kief is the excess trichomes that fall off the plant during the grinding, shaking, or trimming process. Kief tends to be very potent and has a lot of flavors.

The product, once covered in oil and kief, is what we consider to be moon rocks.

Why Buy Moon Rocks? 


Moon rocks are considered to be the most potent flower on the market. It is the only product that contains multiple cannabis forms each testing at different potencies. The average testing of fresh cannabis flower is between 15% – 30% THC.

Cannabis oil is usually testing around 60%-90% THC. Kief is usually around the same potency of flower but, contains a more concentrated amount of THC.

The combination of these products is what gives moon rocks their high potency. Most caviar that consumers see on the market is testing around 40% – 60% THC which would make it one of the highest testing flower products in the industry.

When the industry first came about, moon rocks were a bit unknown and unregulated. Some cannabis dispensaries in California and elsewhere had caviar bars and allowed their customers to pick the flower, oil, and kief that they wanted.

Due to regulations, however, most dispensaries are no longer allowed to do this. However, these regulations have caused third-party vendors to dive into the production of moon rocks.

The most popular moon rock vendor in the Colorado cannabis industry is Kaviar.

Who is Kaviar? 

Kaviar is a newer cannabis vendor within the Colorado cannabis industry. They focus on making the

most consistent, efficient, and popular moon rocks on the market. Kaviar has multiple moon rock products that can also be found with great deals. The most common way moon rocks are sold is by the gram and still in bud form.

Most consumers use this product by pinching off a little piece and spreading it over their bowl. Kaviar is well known for their pre-rolled moon rock joints. Their joints take the worry of handling the sticky product out of the consumer’s mind. The caviar joints also come in 1.5 grams and are one of the most efficient ways of smoking moon rocks

Caviar or moon rocks are a great way of providing a group of people

with a solid, potent high. Not only is the high potency extremely efficient for the consumer, but the combination of such products also gives the smoker an excellent taste.

If you are looking for a nice bake this summer, go find yourself some Moon rocks and buddy to smoke with!

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