Combining Melatonin and CBD Is a Match Made in Sleep Heaven

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A good night's sleep is crucial to good health, and many of us struggle to achieve regular sleeping patterns. More than 35 percent of adults in the United States get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, and those affected by lack of sleep suffer a variety of effects in their day-to-day lives. Multiple chronic conditions are linked to not getting enough sleep, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Thanks in part to such dire warnings, many people are looking for natural solutions to help them optimize their sleep. Cannabis is one promising avenue for an all-natural sleep aid. But not everyone wants to get high, so THC-laden strains are out. And not everyone wants to smoke, so cannabis flower is a no-go for many sleepless individuals. CBD for sleep can provide a welcome alternative, in more ways than one.

Other Cannabinoids vs. CBD for Sleep

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Neurotransmitter signaling in the endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating our sleep stability, and although we know cannabis can certainly make you sleepy, it's difficult to pinpoint the specific combination of cannabinoids that produce this effect. We think THC itself can trigger immediate feelings of sleepiness, but there's also some evidence that it might disrupt sleep quality to some extent over the course of the night.

CBN is another compound thought to have heavily sedative effects, but it can come on too strong for some people to find enjoyable. CBN is only present in minuscule percentages in the cannabis plant, making it cost prohibitive to manufacture on a wide scale. Even if it were produced in large enough quantities, the intensity of the sedation could feel similar to the intoxication many people are trying to avoid.

CBD for sleep is an option because its effects are reported to be much subtler. CBD influences activity at the CB2 receptor in the brain, which is one of the primary signalers for sleep stability. Because CBD can be extracted from industrial hemp, it's available with zero THC, so and you don't need to find a medical dispensary nearby to get it. It can be bought online and shipped to all 50 states – a major advantage if you're searching for better sleep in a state where cannabis is not legal.

How CBD Products Can Promote Sleep

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Although CBD is thought to have the power to directly alter sleep signaling in the brain, it has far-reaching effects that promote sleep indirectly. Chronic pain's grip on millions of people is a significant contributor to sleep problems. According to the Sleep Foundation, only 37 percent of people with chronic pain report good or very good sleep quality. Anyone who has experienced chronic pain can tell you how constant aches and pains can disrupt proper sleep habits, and consumers report CBD decreases chronic pain caused by inflammation.

One of the common causes of insomnia is the dread caused by anxiety. This mood disorder can lead to many a sleepless night, as worries and fears keep the mind from settling. CBD is reported to calm the symptoms of anxiety, allowing you to clear your mind enough to drift off quickly and smoothly.

The Best CBD for Sleep

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With so many companies flocking to produce CBD for the masses, it's difficult to find a company that truly believes in the potential of this cannabinoid to improve people's lives. NutraCanna is changing the game by finding multiple ways to use CBD for sleep, with formulas rigorously researched and developed. We reached out to NutraCanna and talked with the owner Tony about what makes this brand different. Here's what he had to say:

 "We created NutraCanna with the goal of providing people with a safe and natural alternative to treat their ailments.  We decided to research and study CBD isolate and specific non-psychoactive formulas that would stand out from the rest. Targeting certain ailments naturally while staying true to our slogan "All Health, No High. We soon realized that we could help thousands and potentially millions by making these high-quality CBD products more affordable and accessible, which is still our mission today."

NutraCanna offers CBD oils and topicals for easy use, but the absolute best CBD for sleep is found in their new CBD + melatonin dissolvable tablets. These tasty orange-flavored tablets contain 10 or 25 mg of pure, high-quality CBD along with an optional dose of 0.3, 5, or 10mgs of the popular and effective sleep aid melatonin.

The beauty of these dissolvable tablets is their quick bioavailability and familiar consumption method. All you have to do is place a tablet under your tongue half an hour before bed and allow it to dissolve completely. There's also the option to place the tablet on top of your tongue as a lozenge.  Melatonin, a hormone we should produce naturally, helps provoke the feeling of sleepiness. In combination with CBD's effects , NutraCanna's sleep tablets represent an effective CBD for sleep option.

Quality Ingredients for Quality Sleep

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NutraCanna takes their mission seriously, responsibly sourcing only the best natural ingredients for their CBD products. According to Tony: "All our products are naturally derived and free of other compounds like THC. As proof of our commitment to our customers, each product is sent to a third-party lab for testing, ensuring all NutraCanna items meet the highest purity and quality standards."

NutraCanna also emphasized that people have very different needs and use CBD for many purposes, which is why the team has created multiple formulas and dosages. "Our daytime tablets were formulated as a mint altoid type of feel, to deliver CBD through the day and help people with everyday setbacks like pain and anxiety." Tony told us. "Our nighttime tablets were specially formulated with natural melatonin, which is the hormone in humans responsible for promoting sleep. Together with melatonin, our CBD nighttime tablets can help users naturally achieve a deeper and longer sleep."

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