How to Make a Joint

Where I currently reside, I can purchase pre-rolled joints from basically any dispensary around me. On top of that, I live here–meaning I have a place that all my things reside, including my cannabis consumption tools. Dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, and chillums all waiting, patiently for me to use with them. Whether the fragility of many of these glass pieces or the aromatic bravado of the resins within, there is an outright mobility issue associated with bringing my favorite pieces with me out of the house.

It occurred to me that if cannabis was indeed going to continue to be a part of my life, I may need to evolve my knowledge of how to consume it a bit, specifically how to create something I have only consumed–I wanted to know how to make a joint.

Expanding your consumption dexterity starts with a few purchases:

  • Rolling papers: The papers are the key element to a good joint. I figured since many of the dispensaries I frequent use Raw joint papers, I should pick some up as well.
  • Filter or cone tips: I chose to add a tip or filter to my joints to space out the cannabis from my mouth. I find it leaves me with less joint roaches and helps save me from burning myself.
  • Rolling Machine: Adding the knowledge of how to make a joint to your memory can be made even easier with a rolling machine, but that ultimately means you have to bring a rolling machine with you everywhere (not that they are all that big).

Really, aside from your marijuana, the Raw joint papers (any brand achieves comparably) are the only necessary addition to make before you can learn how to make a joint.

Before we get to the rolling, I would like to pose three questions for you to consider before you go out and buy papers

  1. How much, by weight, do you smoke a day?
  2. With what frequency do you smoke?
  3. Are the joints to be smoked entirely or partially?

These questions are important when deciding which size of rolling papers to purchase. As an example, Raw joint papers produce five different sizes. I choose the smallest of the papers because I prefer to smoke the entirety rather than lighting it, putting it out, relighting it. If I am planning on smoking socially, I may choose to roll a joint with king-size raw joint papers

Step 1: Grind, cut, or otherwise pull apart the buds of choice.

Step 2: Lay a raw joint paper flat on an uncluttered surface. Learning how to make a joint correctly requires the adhesive strip to face up and at the furthest edge from you.

Step 3: Sprinkle your greens evenly along the crease in the center of the joint paper. Be careful to leave room around the edges.

Step 4: Using both hands, position the thumb and index fingers at each corner of the rolling paper. Pick up the paper horizontally and begin rolling the ground marijuana back and forth. It should begin to compact after a few rolls.

Step 5: Once your greens are rolled nice and compact, begin to roll the side of the raw joint paper closest to you inward–towards the rolled marijuana. Make sure the adhesive side is facing you still.

Step 6: Lick the adhesive lightly and carefully roll the joint the rest of the way. Twist your ends. Let the adhesive dry.

Step 7: Light with thermal energy and enjoy.

by Joey Wells