How to Make Calming Cannabis Tea at Home

With all the different methods of consuming cannabis available today, it’s nice to remember the classics from time to time. Cannabis tea is one of the oldest methods of consumption and is often forgotten about in the market today. It’s an ideal cannabis edible for a variety of reasons, and is the product of choice for many consumers and patients. While many prefer a joint or a big bong rip, cannabis tea is a hidden gem that’s been around for hundreds of years!

Why Cannabis Tea?

Cannabis tea has been around for quite some time and was even a significant method of cannabis consumption in China and India. If cannabis tea has been around for so long, why do most consumers lack appreciation for the product? It requires a bit of a process and does take some time to make, which turns away many cannabis consumers.image of a cup of tea with marijuana leaves around it and one leaf in the tea cup

The primary pro to drinking cannabis tea rather than smoking a joint is the fact that it does not require inhaling smoke. No matter what, any form of combustion inhaled by the lungs is unhealthy.

Cannabis tea allows consumers to micro-dose as they please and ingest a fuller cannabinoid profile than other consumption methods. The cannabinoid profile available in cannabis tea depends on the infusion process. Some cannabis tea is high in THC or CBD, while other recipes are higher in THCA or CBDA. The cannabinoid profile present does alter the experience of the cannabis tea.

Cannabis Tea Recipes

There are a good amount of cannabis tea recipes available online. Each recipe has slight differences in the infusion process. You can take any tea recipe and easily add cannabis to the mix. The infusion of cannabis into water is rather simple but requires patience. Cannabis tea allows consumers to adjust the dosages to their needs and consume discreetly in public. While these recipes below are all great options to get started with, it’s always fun to slip away from the recipe and add a personal touch!

Raw Chinese-Style Cannabis Tea  image of two tea cups with no handles filled with tea

This cannabis tea recipe is one of the more basic teas. It’s primarily thought to be used as a medical cannabis tea and does not produce the psychoactive effect commonly associated with infused products. Raw Chinese-Style cannabis tea is rather easy to make and is known for providing a high THCA potency. Due to the THCA not entirely going through decarboxylation, the THC content remains low which keeps the tea from causing intense euphoria.


  1. Grind or break down about a half gram of marijuana. It can be whole buds, leaves, shake, or even stems. Doses may be adjusted, but a half gram of flower is the suggested starting dose.
  2. Put cannabis grounds into a tea bag or folded coffee filter and place into a cup.
  3. Bring about two cups of hot water to a low boil. If the water is too hot, it will decarboxylate the herb and produces a higher THC content.
  4. Pour the hot water into the cup and steep the bag of marijuana for at least five minutes. Steep the cannabis for longer to produce a more potent tea.
  5. Add some honey, sugar, or whatever floats your boat!

*Some believe it’s more effective to pour the hot water directly onto the plant material instead of steeping in a bag. Then, strain the tea into a cup to remove the plant material and enjoy!

Chamomile Cannabis Teaimage of a cup of chamomile tea with a chamomile flower in the cup and flowers with stems on the plate next to the cup

One of the great things about cannabis tea is it can pair well with all sorts of other natural herbs. In this recipe, it’s a combination of cannabis and chamomile. The pairing of these herbs provides consumers with a unique and soothing experience. The chamomile is optional, and it’s up to the consumer to alter the recipe as they please.


  1. Grind up a half gram of cannabis buds, stems, leaves, or shake. Take the ground cannabis and mix with two teaspoons of chamomile tea and two teaspoons of coconut butter.
  2. Place the mixture into a metal tea ball or standard tea bag and set in a mug.
  3. Bring two cups of water to a boil and pour into the mug.
  4. Steep the tea bag for at least five minutes. Adjust the steeping time to increase potency.
  5. Remove the cannabis and enjoy!

The process of making cannabis tea is rather simple. Merely follow the above procedure to produce any type of cannabis tea imaginable. To adjust recipes, try adding milk or coconut oil to the recipe. It’s also a good idea to fully decarboxylate the herb before putting it into the tea if a higher potency is essential. Try coming up with a personal cannabis tea recipe the next time some extra stems and shake are laying around the house!

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