Growing Cannabis: 5 Tools Every Marijuana Harvester Should Have

growing cannabis

So you're getting reading for what could just become your new favorite hobby – growing cannabis. If you're overwhelmed about where and how to start, don't be! Growing cannabis can be a cakewalk if you have the right set of fundamental equipment with you.

Hydroponic vs. Soil Grow

Before moving on to the tools, it’s worthwhile to know the difference between hydroponic and soil grow – two methods of growing cannabis. In the hydroponic method, the plants grow without soil. Instead, they grow in a nutrient-rich, water-based solution. The soil growing method is as the name indicates: growing in soil.

The benefits of hydroponic growing include more frequent harvest cycles, more yields per grow, and higher density planting contributing to greater output per square foot. The advantages of soil growing include low cost, suitability for small spaces and better-tasting marijuana.

5 Tools for Growing Cannabis

These are the essential tools to grow marijuana yourself.


Usually, the most favorable temperature levels for optimum photosynthesis vary from plant to plant. However, with marijuana, there are variations from strain to strain for the best temperature to create the best buds. So, if you want your specific strain to grow right, it is absolutely necessary that the ideal temperature level is maintained. That's where the thermometer comes in. Low on the budget? Don't worry. Affordable, basic readers are easily available on Amazon.

pH Meter

Whether cultivation is done by hydroponics or soil, it is essential to have a pH reader with you. There are different pH meters for hydroponic grow and soil-based grow.

pH has an effect on nutrient leaching, nutrient availability, soil structure and soil bacteria. The health of the cannabis plants may improve or decline according to their pH, also making them more or less prone to diseases and pest attacks. A non-ideal pH may also cause serious malnutrition that can be difficult to reverse.

Ideal pH levels for marijuana harvesting are as follows:

  • Soil-based cultivation: pH 6.5-6.8
  • Hydroponic cultivation: pH 5.5-6.5

The pH meter will greatly assist you with making sure you're keeping to the right pH.

Eye Safety Wear

The bright HPS or LED grow lights can strain your eyes, even damaging them. So it’s essential that you keep them sufficiently protected. You can get glasses that double up for both indoor and outdoor use. You can look for a warrantied product that meets CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87 standards.

Tool for Magnification

No need to squint or strain your eyes to check whether your trichome gland head is underdeveloped or completely matured. The old school jeweler's loupe is exactly that – old school! Now you can choose between a manual or digital magnifier. An additional benefit a magnifier provides is the ability to spot pests, bud rot, impurities and contaminants (such as bugs or mildew) at the microscopic level.

An alternative option for magnification is a LED-lit loupe which is actually a pocket microscope with LED illumination. Also available are loupe options that can be hooked up to a smartphone. Such loops enable you to see and capture pictures of the leaves and stalks of your cannabis plants.

At the end of the day, a magnification tool can help you prevent problems with your marijuana plants.

Fans for Ventilation

Proper ventilation for growing cannabis plants should incorporate active air exhaustion, air movement, and active/passive air intake. The priority should be for an exhaust fan over an intake fan. Also, buy a centrifugal inline fan. If at all, you decide to buy an inline intake fan, its power should be 10 to 15 percent less than that of your exhaust fan.

More Information

If you haven't yet purchased your marijuana seeds, here's a list of some indoor cannabis seeds to give you ideas:

  • Girl Scout Cookies Seeds
  • Northern Light
  • Skunk
  • Banana Kush
  • Strawberry Kush
  • Sour Diesel
  • Blackberry Kush

Make sure to make your purchases from reliable medical marijuana dispensaries. Keep in mind a few tips, such as the strawberry kush strain of marijuana is a quick bloomer with a short flowering period and high yields. Happy marijuana harvesting!

Written by Nancy Fernandez: Nancy has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views and providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly cannabis.