The Best Air Fresheners for Weed Smell

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Admit it: weed comes with a certain smell. And while consumers report the herb also comes with countless benefits, it leaves behind a stench that isn't exactly discreet. 

Most people prefer solutions to the marijuana scent that are both affordable and effective. While methods such as ozone generators work great to eliminate smells, they can be a little damaging to the wallet and they take time to completely remove any odors. 

Air fresheners, however, are a simple and easy quick-fix that can cover up smells while still allowing users to stick to their budget. The following air fresheners can help to cover up weed scents everywhere, from houses to apartments to cars: 

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Poo-Pourri Spray

spraying air freshener by the couch Made to freshen up even the most disastrous bathrooms, Poo-Pourri toilet spray is considered a top air freshener choice. It’s made from essential oils and natural compounds, which work together to both cover up and eliminate harsh odors while also encouraging a sense of humor. There are 100 uses in each bottle, which means it can cover a lot of weed. It can be found on Amazon here, as a top-rated household product.  


spraying an air freshener Air-Wick scented oil air freshener is a dream come true when it comes to covering up those pesky and inconvenient smells that pop out of a few hits of a joint. It's a plug-in option, which means it requires very minimal effort once the product is purchased. Choose a wall and a favorite outlet, and voila! It will dispense clean and fresh scents as needed, in little puffs throughout the day. They have seasonal options that pair nicely with holidays, in addition to classic flavors that are pleasant year-round (think Lavender Chamomile). Their huge selection is a refreshing change of pace to the usual one or two options. You can even adjust and designate the intensity, which is extra nice for after those long smoke sessions. Each refill pack lasts about 45 days and is sold in packs of three. 


febreeze bottle
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There's a reason that the classic "cover the weed smell" trope usually involves spraying a bunch of Febreze over the infected areas: it works. As far as air fresheners go, this brand is classic. All there is to it is "point and spray," and a little bit of hoping that the stench gets completely covered up, if not mostly eliminated. As an additional bonus, the product boasts very pleasant and classic scents in aerosol cans, such as Linen and Sky. This stuff is sold pretty much anywhere, so it's an easy trip to the store for a fill up. 


oil diffuser A lesser-known option is BAC-A-ZAP, an industrial-style odor eliminator. This spray works to freshen the air by completely destroying any lingering weed smells. Users boast its strength; one Amazon review states, "I owned a pest control company for ten years in NYC, for removing smoke odors after a fire to dead rodent odors there is nothing better than?BAC-A-ZAP. Biological odor control. When my wife ran over a skunk I sprayed the under body and the smell was gone." Surely, BAC-A-ZAP is the perfect solution to any ganja scents left over in the house or car. 

The best news: you can find any of these cover-up air fresheners at most convenience, grocery, and home-goods stores, all at moderate prices. Light up, then spray on; easy as that.