Optimizing Your High Gaming Experience

image of a man and a woman playing video games

Most people like video games: boys and girls, children and adults, even stoners and non-smokers. And a lot of people love their weed products too, but it seems like hardcore gamers, more often than not, really (really) love their weed. And it makes sense – weed and video games are an amazing combination of euphoria, achievement, and pure entertainment. You can grab some munchies with a friend (or not) and enjoy the unique experience of gaming while high. So smoke a few joints, relax, and get ready to learn how you can match your favorite game with your favorite marijuana strain!

Why Combine Weed and Video Games?

Why do people who play video games like getting high? Or maybe the question is more about why so many stoners enjoy gaming. There's no simple reason that explains the connection between weed and video games. Instead, consider the bigger picture: a mood-enhancing drug, interactive entertainment, and varying levels of social engagement – all without leaving your seat! Why wouldn't people combine weed and video games when the result is so entertaining?

The Science of Weed and Video Gamesrendering of dendrites, cell bodies, and connections in the brain

You don't have to know the scientific ins-and-outs of getting high to smoke weed. On the surface, it does seem pretty simple: you light up, inhale, and get high. But understanding why so many people combine weed and video games requires a closer look at the neurological effects of cannabis consumption.

THC, the chemical in weed that creates all those psychoactive effects, attaches and absorbs into the naturally existing THC receptors in your brain. Studies suggest that this process releases dopamine and stimulates your reward system. What is the reward system though, and how does it relate to weed and video games? Well, the reward system releases dopamine and makes you feel good when you complete a task or satisfy a need. Smoking weed releases more dopamine, making you feel more accomplished and satisfied with small tasks like completing a game quest or finding valuable loot items. Any success you have while gaming feels more rewarding when you're high, which at least partially explains why so many gamers smoke. Add side effects like euphoria, enhanced creativity, and full-body relaxation and it's easy to see how smoking weed can make games more fun.

The Social Side of Gaming High

Socializing is a big part of being human; we're biologically driven to bond with people, form relationships, and keep people close. While smoking weed and playing video games is fun when you're alone, it's also the perfect opportunity to interact with others. This shows in the tons of weed-friendly video game tournaments that are held in just about every city, town, and province alike. Quite simply, smoking weed and playing video games is socially gratifying! You laugh more when you're high, feel happier when you're high, and probably enjoy people more when you're high. And the best part is, you don't even have to meet face-to-face to socialize high since a large portion of the gaming community is entirely online.

Best Strains for Gaming High

At this point, you may be wondering which weed strains are better for playing video games. The answer is 100 percent dependent on preference! Every cannabis strain is unique and can vary in potency, effect, flavor, and duration. Since the perfect weed high is entirely subjective, it's up to you to decide what effects you want: stoney and potent, energizing with a head buzz, or a good mix of the two. Read up on the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to choose the perfect gaming weed! And if you really can't decide, choose the strain with the coolest name. You can't go wrong with that.

Indicas and Gamingimage of indica dominant strain on a white background

Indica strains are great for gamers who don't mind a strong, relaxing body high that may or may not send you to sleep. Good for late night gaming, especially if you want a noticeable high that alleviates stress. Smoking an indica before playing video games can result in weed-induced couch lock, munchies, and a slowed reaction time. Not recommended for all-day gaming marathons or competitions you care about.

Try the classic Grand Daddy Purple or Purple Erkle for a perfect indica-dominant gaming session. Grand Daddy Purple is a couch lock weed strain, but you'll be too relaxed and tuned into your gaming to mind all that much. Purple Erkle is great for unwinding at the end of a day, especially if that means settling into a simple activity (like playing video games). Expect a full body high from both of these indica-dominant weed strains.

Sativas and Gamingimage of sour diesel bud on a white background

Smoking a sativa-dominant strain before gaming is a good choice for those who enjoy a cerebral head-high. Feeling energized and euphoric improves almost anything, and video games are no exception. Consuming a sativa can reduce your chance of getting sleepy while gaming, which makes it a great choice for video game marathons. Just remember that sativa strains are known to cause paranoia and exacerbate symptoms of anxiety. Rethink combining a horror/slasher game with a weed that is pure sativa.

For gamers who prefer sativa, try Super Sour Diesel or Haze. Super Sour Diesel is a famous strain known for its potent and uplifting high. Consuming this strain promotes creativity and can even help to maintain focus while performing complicated tasks. Haze's high is more dreamlike and, as the name suggests, hazy. Both strains make for an engaging, energized video gaming session.

Hybrids and Gaming 

Hybrid weed strains are perfect for gaming because they allow for the best traits of both indicas and sativas. They come at different percentages, making it easy to choose your perfect strain (if you know what to look for)! Select an uplifting high sativa hybrid, a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid, or an indica-heavy hybrid that gets you really high but not too tired. Hybrid weed strains give you control over your high, perfect for personally matching games to strains.

If you want a well-rounded high for playing video games, try out some hybrids like White Fire OG (also known as Wifi OG) and the ever-awesome Trainwreck. Wifi OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a cerebral high with calming and uplifting effects. Trainwreck is a potent and fast-acting weed that delivers a quick high that relaxes the body and lifts the mood. Expect both strains to leave you feeling happy and ready to take on any game.

Should You Combine Weed and Video Games?

Combining weed and video games is almost to be expected. They just go so well together, like Bonnie and Clyde or hummus and pita chips (two indisputably amazing combos). Unless smoking cannabis and gaming become a habit, which can lead to addiction, there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't smoke some weed before, during, or after a video game session. Cannabis makes gaming feel more rewarding, more immersive and adds an extra element of socialization. Who wouldn't want to experience their favorite video game with weed-induced euphoria and creativity? Just choose your game, smoke your strain, and play!