Cannabis Effects: Can Weed Give You Energy?

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Sometimes all you need is a little kick in the pants. A blast of energy, whether it’s to take on an entire day spent on your feet or to feel woken up after a night of restless sleep, is invaluable.

Coffee isn’t the only way to unlock this energy source. For those who are sensitive to the drink, can’t have it, or simply don’t like the taste, there’s good news. Even for non-drinkers who would like a little perk, there’s another option.

Did you know that marijuana does more than put you to sleep? While popular culture (including cult-classic films, comics, and books) captures the “stoner” character as sleepy, lazy, couch-bound, and usually hungry, that’s not always true. Don’t believe everything you see on television.

Yes, believe it or not, one of the best cannabis effects is high energy.

Strain Game

When it comes to marijuana, most people categorize by strain, which is usually distinguished as either sativa, indica, or a hybrid.

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However, due to the years of underground crossbreeding, it’s more likely that almost all strains are a hybrid of some kind. It’s most accurate to refer to strains as sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. Just know that when you get a certain strain, there may be varying results.

More often than not, sativa strains lead to more energetic highs, whereas indicas produce more of the sedative effects. These hazy properties are thanks to myrcene, a terpene found in indica-dominant marijuana. Reversely, it’s believed that sativas contain more of the revitalizing and uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes. For example, a little night-time smoke sesh might incorporate indica, while a morning pick-me-up would best include a sativa sample. Sometimes strains high in CBD can also get the job done and offer a little extra energy.

What to Look For

When searching for high-energy cannabis, there are certain strains to be on the lookout for. To get that extra pep, whether to wake up, re-focus, or make the most out of every day, check out the following kinds of weed:

XJ-13 (Hybrid)

This hybrid strain of cannabis is the complete package: it’s sativa-dominant, flavorful, and has only positive effects. Rich in lemon, tropical fruit, and lime scents, XJ-13 also packs a punch: it’s known for uplifting users and leaving them buzzed with energy and positivity.

Durban Poison (Sativa)

Don’t let the name trick you; this stuff is pure pleasure. Durban Poison is a sativa-dominant strain that is uplifting, energetic, joyful, euphoric, and is known to boost creativity. In the cannabis community, Durban is often referred to as the espresso of marijuana, which triggers a very stimulating and clear-headed high. There’s no haze when this pot is inhaled. Durban’s high-energy reputation is thanks to its high content of THCV, a cannabinoid known for its uplifting properties.

Harlequin (CBD-Sativa)

While many people are super into THC’s psychoactive effects, some prefer to stay away. Thanks to high-CBD strains like Harlequin, people sensative to stimulants can still find their streak of energy through cannabis. This sativa-dominant flower has minimal psychoactive effects, while still bumping up clarity, happiness, and endorphins.

Chocolope (Sativa)

If you’re looking for a fiercely cerebral enhancement, look no farther than Chocolope. With an earthy taste, this strain specializes in uplifting and motivating users. Perfect for mustering up the energy to hit the gym or go for a swim, Chocolope gives an added boost of energy while lifting the weight of the world temporarily off the shoulders of anyone who ingests it. It’s good at making you both proactive and relaxed, which is a good mix for day-to-day operations.

Jillybean (Hybrid)

Jillybean is a sweet tooth’s paradise. This strain is filled with sugary scents of honey, mangoes, oranges, and wildflowers, instantly uplifting any mood, enhancing happiness, serenity, and energy levels with the flick of a lighter. Your mind will soar with the aid of Jillybean, which can be an added help when users are looking to be productive, social, or motivated. The sweetest thing about Jillybean? It’s a timeless strain with a buzz that stays in the head, without dragging down the body.

Green Crack (Sativa)

Man with Lifted Arms in Nature
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When it comes to a kick in the pants, Green Crack is it. This sativa-dominant strain is known for its complete stimulation. Once ingested, the body transforms: Green Crack takes its shape as a buzzing high, emitting liveliness, proactive desire, positivity, and overall easy-going thoughts. It’s a mood booster, to say the least. While the name isn’t so welcoming, Green Crack can be a godsend for anyone looking for an energy reboot.

When it comes to getting energized, cannabis offers plenty of options. From sativas to hybrids, there’s no one right answer. Explore, for whatever reason behooves you, and knock down those stoner stereotypes one-by-one.