Trippy Strains for the Cannabis Connoisseur

trippy strains - purple marijuana leaves

The tastes of cannabis consumers have shifted dramatically in the past few decades. From the mellow strains of the 70's, breeders developed high-potency strains with THC levels that sent anti-pot advocates into a tizzy.

After experimenting with the boundaries of high-THC strains, low-dose THC products CBD-rich products, and microdosing are the hot new fad. Medicating with small amounts of cannabis is a fantastic way to incorporate its healing properties, but let's be honest: Sometimes you just want a strain that will get you face-meltingly, psychedelically stoned.

If you're looking for marijuana to alter your perception and open the doors of the mind, check out one of these five trippy strains.


Headband is a strain whose name matches its effect. This high-THC powerhouse confers a feeling of constriction around the temples as its high kicks into gear, and that's just the start.

Bred from OG Kush and Sour Diesel with some Master Kush mixed in, Headband is a 55/45 indica dominant strain with THC levels capable of reaching up to 27 percent. Headband buds are fairly small and round, with an even green coloring that doesn't necessarily jump out to the eye. Some phenotypes are able to produce a purple hue or tint to the buds, but the coloration is fairly unassuming overall.

The trichome coat goes a long way in upping the visual appeal of Headband, and should be delightfully sticky to the touch. The aroma begins with a citrus-forward aroma powered by limonene, and a piney, skunky undertone.

Headband's high is a creeper, which makes it one of the best trippy strains for beginners. After smoking, you might have to wait 15 minutes or more before effects start setting in. There's little sativa action with Headband, and the primary feelings are a super spaced-out vibe and a heavy body stone.

If you consume enough, Headband can induce a powerful physical dissociation which feels somewhat like an out-of-body experience, accompanied by syrupy visual distortions. This can be ideal for abstract art endeavors and passive activities, but don't expect to get anything done after a bowl of Headband.

Strawberry Cough

Once again, the name says it all: Strawberry Cough is a delectable sativa-dominant hybrid, with unmistakable strawberry flavors and a propensity for making even the stoniest of smokers cough.

This hybrid was bred to taste like strawberries, and it absolutely does. Although it's mostly a sativa, Strawberry Cough has chunky, tapered cone buds with deep orange pistils that sometimes appear completely red. The aroma of Strawberry Cough has no earthiness or skunk to it, just sweet strawberry 

The high from Strawberry Cough is distinctly sativa, and powered by THC levels between 15 and 23 percent. Expect euphoria to set in quickly, and uplift your mood with giddy pleasure. Strawberry Cough makes this list of trippy strains because it has a unique ability to induce mind-racing – in a good way.

This strain creates a kaleidoscope effect on the mind, where mental images and ideas constantly shift in brilliant, unexpected patterns. If a creative block is bothering you, Strawberry Cough's imaginative, psychedelic effects can break you out of it in a hurry.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a member of the Girl Scout Cookies family, and its potent genetics come through at first smoke. While its THC levels vary greatly between batches, it's safe to put Wedding Cake in the category of trippy strains.

This strain is known for its dense, chunky buds which display a lovely array of colors. The buds themselves are a sage to deep green color, which can veer into brown. The orange pistils are unusually bright, and the glitter from heavy trichome coverage is a lovely sight.

Despite its name, the aroma of Wedding Cake leans more toward tanginess than sweetness and carries an underlying spice. The smoke from Wedding Cake is expansive and can cause some users to cough. Be prepared to put Wedding Cake in your top tier of trippy strains, because it truly does deliver.

Although it's an indica-dominant hybrid, Wedding Cake gets to work quickly with an intense head high. You might start to think you're developing superpowers, with the boost in perceived clarity and quickened thoughts. Almost an hour into the experience, bodily sedation begins to set in, leading to a uniquely balanced duet of mental stimulation and physical relaxation.


That's right, there's a cannabis strain called LSD – and it certainly belongs in the highest ranks of trippy strains. This strain is almost a 50/50 hybrid, but can sometimes lean further toward indica.

Buds of LSD are beautifully dense and clustered, with colors ranging from vivid green to almost yellow amber. Cheerful orange pistils emerge from the calyxes, and the coveted trichome blanket is out in full force. LSD's aroma presents a classic profile: skunk-forward, punctuated by spice and pepper, all buried in earth. These resin-heavy buds require a serious grinder! 

While not hallucinogenic, the LSD cannabis strain is definitely psychoactive. Users first notice a surprising degree of mental stimulation, resulting in a cerebral energy some find overpowering. Creative thinking gets a boost, and you may find yourself staring at a spot on the ceiling wondering whether it's moving.

As your head begins to feel reattached to your body, you'll notice your body is heavily sedated. This temporary overlap can lead to a-b dissociation which may terrify beginners but delight those on the hunt for trippy strains.

Tickle Kush

If you've never heard of Tickle Kush, you're not alone. Greenwerkz of Colorado bred this hot new strain, which High Times selected as one of "Earth's Strongest Strains" in 2014.

This indica-dominant hybrid has smallish nugs that are chunky and almost difficult to pull apart. They are pleasantly flexible and a little spongy thanks to an excess of trichomes and resin in the buds. Tickle Kush's aroma is fruity and sweet, with notes of berry layered on top of a slightly spicy, herbal scent. Its smoke is relatively light and smooth, making for a relaxing session.

Once you've taken your puffs, however, get ready for a heady ride through Imagination Land. Many users report closing their eyes to see remarkably vivid images and scenes, as well as more abstract visuals. Tickle Kush's effects hit the body hard, too, and may leave you with the feeling of bobbing gently in calm waters.