Four Strains in the Girl Scout Cookies Family


Anyone who considers themselves a cannabis aficionado has had some form of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This ubiquitous strain has multiple phenotypes and a broad lineage of offspring bearing its sought-after qualities. A sky-high THC content and a sublime blend of effects make this strain an obvious choice for breeding new and potent strains, including some award-winners.

4 Cannabis Strains Descended from Girl Scout Cookies

Wedding Cake

This strain is the product of crossing Girl Scout Cookies with the sourly pungent Cherry Pie. The resulting strain is a 60% indica dominant hybrid with a delectable flavor profile and a delightful effect. Cherry Pie's influence is strong, giving Wedding cake a tangy aroma mixed with skunk and a little bit of zest. Break up the dense, rounded buds, and you'll be rewarded with incense-like undertones of sandalwood.

Smoking Wedding Cake is an experience best undertaken by those that know what they're doing. The main downside to this strain is its tendency toward harsh smoke that can sting the throat and nose upon inhalation. But, once you've got a lungful, the exhale is significantly more pleasant. The thickness of the smoke and a distinct sweetness create an almost creamy texture.

Get ready for a surge of mental energy that can boost free association and creative thinking almost immediately. Wedding Cake is a great social strain, and perfect for an afternoon or evening off.

Sunset Sherbet

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Sunset Sherbet is a heavy indica hybrid with only 15% sativa genetics. It's the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties and delivers an aroma and flavor that are unmistakable. The nugs can range from medium to large and are tightly bundled together in dense, resinous buds.

If you're lucky, you'll come across the phenotype that displays bursts of purple amongst the rusty pistils and a thick coating of trichomes. Sunset Sherbet is sweet and citrusy on the nose but breaks open the buds, and you'll find some very pungent skunk and earthiness underlying the profile.

Sunset Sherbet is another strain with some lung-burning harshness to the hits, but the aftertaste is light and sweet with some tartness on the back end. Sunset Sherbet leads with a body high and accents it with a hint of cerebral giddiness.

Be warned: Sunset Sherbet will give you the munchies! On the plus side, it doesn't cause racy paranoia, and the level of cottonmouth is usually reasonable.


Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, which results in a nicely balanced 50/50 hybrid. It sheds some of Sunset Sherbet's indica weight and produces lighter body effects even though it has typical indica looks. Among the many phenotypes of Gelato, all buds share a smallish, dense nug structure, purple tinted buds, and trichome-coated appearance.

The scent profile of Gelato is smooth and almost creamy. Its primary aroma is sweetness backed with light earthy and woody citrus when you break open the buds. The smoke from this strain is supremely smooth and sweet, with an almost decadent mouthfeel.

Euphoria is the backbone of a Gelato smoke session, with a head-focused high that may enhance or alter your perception. You may notice time going by at an unusual or inconsistent pace or see things a little bit sharper than usual.

Animal Cookies

cannabis nug on counter

Also known as Animal Crackers, Animal Cookies is a hybrid strain from BC Bud Depot. It's a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, an indica hybrid. It practically defines the term bag appeal with its bold, vibrantly colored flowers that yield popcorn-shaped buds.

The nugs tend to be on the small side, but their dense indica structure makes them heavy with resin. Some phenotypes of Animal Cookies carry the coveted purple streak brought about by anthocyanin.

Unlike many members of the Cookies family, Animal Cookies doesn't mess around with any light, sweet aromas. Instead, expect a tangy sweet 'n sour permeated with intense skunky dankness and a hint of pine with pepper rounding out the profile.

The smoke does taste somewhat sweet on the exhale, which helps make up for the cough fest you might encounter. The body high hits hard and fast with Animal Cookies.

Keeping Up With the Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies and all the strains it has contributed to are renowned for their potency and ability to plaster a delighted smile on your face. Each new cross brings out a little something special in the Cookies genetics, and we can't imagine weed without them!