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Skittles Strain

Indica Grape Ape x Grapefruit
  • 15.3% THC
  • 0.17% CBD
  • 0.02% CBN
medicinal use Appetite APPETITE
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Pain PAIN
medicinal use Fruity FRUITY
medicinal use Earthy EARTHY
medicinal use Blueberry BLUEBERRY
medicinal use Aroused AROUSED
medicinal use Creative CREATIVE
medicinal use Focused FOCUSED

Skittles is a rare and beautiful cannabis strain, well-known for its mouth-watering burst of flavors. Skittles can be a difficult cultivar to find as flower, but we know exactly where to find the best Skittles weed seeds. All you gotta do is learn how to grow! Growing your own Skittles weed delivers a beautiful plant with heavy colas and aromas of citrus, berries and sweetness. Top this off with a magical high and you've got an almost-perfect plant.

When you've made up your mind to grow your own Skittles weed, Homegrown Cannabis Co has our super-stable, proven genetics, so donâ??t shop anywhere else! They offer a gemination guarantee, ship to all 50 states (FROM WITHIN THE US!!!), and they even accept American credit/debit cards. Youâ??re not just tasting the rainbow, youâ??re riding it.

Overview of Skittles

While Skittles is indica-dominant, this strain has surprisingly cerebral effects bound to please any consumer. It typically comes in at around 12 - 18% THC, so while it's not the most potent strain in the world, the high is powerful, persistent and beautifully psychedelic.

The sweet smells of the growing plant foreshadow the deep, fruity flavors of the cured bud. Each nugget bears an infinity of sparkling trichomes, sticky to the touch and wonderfully moreish. These sensual qualities are helped by a good cure, but even beginners can produce premium, smokable bud with Skittles.

Skittles has taken first place at multiple cannabis events, including first place at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, and first place at the 2016 Emerald Cup. These are the best endorsements a cannabis cultivar can hope for.

Home-growers love Skittles, expert breeders love Skittles, cup judges love Skittles. Chances are, youâ??re going to love Skittles weed, too.

Potential Positive Effects of Skittles

Skittles is a nicely balanced, indica-dominant hybrid with euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting effect. Smoke too much and you'll find yourself glued to the couch! It's a good way to unwind after work, to add color to a walk, to add spice to housework or to recover from a workout. Tip: start the workout BEFORE you pack a bowl!

Potential Negative Effects of Skittles

Like with any other strain, some consumers might experience negative effects. Skittles has caused some consumers to feel anxious or paranoid, though the main negative effects are your usual dry mouth and red eyes.

Lineage of Skittles

Its prestigious lineage includes Grape Ape and Grapefruit, two delicious strains that account for Skittles' popular combination of flavors. They also explain the creeping potency and long-lasting high - music to the ears of genuine 420 fans.

Growing Skittles

Skittles weed seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co are extremely popular, probably on account of the scarcity of Skittles weed or flower. Beginners will find an easy to grow plant, small and compact, with good resistance to mold and mildew.

She'll flower in 56 - 63 days, producing an amazing yield of around 16 ounces per plant (outdoors). Youâ??ll need to keep on top of trimming and pruning as she can grow bushy (almost overnight), but sheâ??s forgiving of mistakes and well-suited to novice cannabis growers.

Where to Find Skittles

Skittles is a tough strain to find. It's most abundant in states like California, Oregon, and Washington. Colorado doesn't usually have much in the way of Skittles weed, but it's worth checking with your local dispensary! As for Skittles weed seeds, we always recommend the Homegrown Cannabis Co. There's always room to grow.

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