The Best Video Games to Play Stoned

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Grab your weed and plug in.

As 2018 rears its head, prepare for the oncoming news headlines, ridiculous stories, and daily tribulations by getting high and zoning out. Escape to new and exciting lands or tried-and-true favorites; this year, get through by playing fun video games while stoned.

Call of Duty

call of duty
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Call of Duty is a classic warfare game that’s ideal for any weed sesh. Paired with a relaxing strain, Call of Duty combines adrenaline with tactical skill; push through it easily with a clear head and steady hands. It can be a refreshing history lesson or a rousing competition, depending on user preference. Either way, whether you’re feeling patriotic or in the mood to kill some zombies, any of the Call of Duty games are a green match.

Super Smash Bros & Mario Kart

mario kart video game
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Calling all Nintendo lovers: sometimes a little smashing, racing, and crashing are all you need. Light up and hit the track or the ring; either Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart will suffice. In Super Smash Bros, classic players gather for all-out brawling, which can be a nice choice for a high night in, filled with oohs and ahhs. Mario Kart, too, is a visually exciting, albeit silly, option including beloved characters dishing out high-energy tasks. And it’s the only time driving while stoned is okay, even cool. These games mix madness with hand-eye-coordination and bring a whole lotta energy.


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This basketball video game, filled with a hip-hop soundtrack, seamlessly meshes with a smoke sesh. Bust a move (perhaps a spin or a layup or a 3-pointer or a dunk), brag for a few humble moments, then take a toke. In NBA 2K, teams battle it out in realistic court settings. This game, served alongside a long drag, is best played with multiple players. If basketball isn’t appealing, Madden (football) and NHL are suitable options instead.

Ridiculous Fishing

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Looking to sit back and chill? Don’t want to think very hard or challenge yourself? Not a problem. Ridiculous Fishing is a game that manages to be both relaxing and entertaining. Take the edge off after a long day by side-stepping more traditional video games, and instead look to a non-focused simulation, perfect for those days where mind-numbing chill is where you want to be. Get lost in nothingness, with both a joint and a softly silly virtual reality.


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Journey is a fully immersive experience for players looking to escape reality and head into something a little deeper. Inhale a little weed and take a step into a world that delves deep into levels of simulation. Travel through endless deserts, sliding and gliding in a world without text or spoken dialogue. You and the weed you’re smoking are all you need for a mind-blowing explosion of innovative immersion.

Goat Simulator

man doing virtual reality simulation

Get your green and get ready to giggle. With Goat Simulator, utter madness is the standard. This video game, which includes both single or multiplayer options, transforms players into a goat. From there, the goat can frolic around an open world, casing both awe and destruction everywhere it goes. It’s mindless, hilarious, and goes great with a mind-altering substance.

Guitar Hero

guitar hero video game

Drugs and rock n roll have always gone hand-in-hand. The chemistry is undeniable. Naturally, Guitar Hero is a perfect compliment to a stoned player; with groovy tracks and cult classic songs, Guitar Hero transports the player back to a simpler time of angst and rebellion and a whole lot of heart. Feel your way through the haze with rhythm and punk, and try to keep up best you can.